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Generate School Wide Title I Program

This function generates a Title I program record for all students enrolled in the latest term year. If a student has multiple enrollments in a term year, the Title I program is created against all the enrollments. This function can only be run from the school level.

Before running the function, select the Title I program for the school. To choose the Title I program:

  1. From the School menu in the upper right-hand corner, choose District Office.
  2. Click District. The District Setup page appears.
  3. Click Schools/School Info. From the Schools/School Info menu that appears, select a school. 
  4. For the field Is this School Title I?, choose Yes. The field Select the Title I Programs appears.
  5. From the Select the Title I Programs field, select at least one Title I program.
  6. Click Submit to save the page.

To run the function:

  1. From the School menu in the upper right-hand corner, choose the school.
  2. Click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.
  3. Click Generate School Wide Title I Program under Arizona State Functions. The special function page appears.
  4. Click Submit to generate the pre-selected Title I record for every student enrolled at the school.
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