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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: New - Discipline Letter Templates Functionality

Additional References: PSSR-328394, PSSR-328392, PSSR-325971

Discipline Incident Letters: Version 1.0

New Discipline Letter functionality is now available that allows end users to create and configure discipline letters, from Incident Management, that can be sent home to parents and guardians if their student was involved in a discipline-related incident.

These discipline letters are created at the district level and can be pushed out to, and made available at, a school or schools within the district.

Classic UI: Start Page, District Setup, Incident Management, Discipline Incident Letters

Enhanced UI: Start Page, District Management, Behavior, Discipline Incident Letters

The discipline letters are generated by a new Discipline Incident Letters report that is located on the System Reports tab

Note: Discipline Incident Letters only work with Incident Management.


District Level OnSIS Dates - Save Dates by Year

Additional References: PSSR-314993

A new link under Define OnSIS Reporting Dates By Year is created to allow users to define OnSIS dates and save them by year. Dates will be stored in a new table S_ON_DISTRICTINFO_BY_YEAR_S.

Legacy OnSIS Reporting Dates fields have been moved to the end of the District Info page. Those fields will still be used by the OnSIS Legacy Reports.

Navigaion: District, District Info, Define OnSIS Reporting Dates By Year


FTE SnapShot, Enrolment Fields Report - Semester Model - Include and Match on Schoolid

Enrolment Register and FTE Snapshot report: Version 1.2

Enrolment Fields report: Version 5.2

Enhanced the FTE Snapshot, when run for semester schools, SCHOOLID column in the On_High_Credit table is populated with student’s school on the effective date. Similarly, Fields report has the schoolID populated with student’s enrolled school for the effective date.


Incorrect Board Residence Status in Night, Summer, and CTCC School Submission

OnSIS Summer School Submission: Version 7.6
OnSIS Night School Submission: Version 10.5
OnSIS ECPP Submission: Version 4.9

Reports have been enhanced to correctly identify Board Residence Status for Students by using the correct student school enrolment record for the school running the report.


Multiple reports to support OnSIS Reporting Dates saved by Year.

OnSIS Snapshot: Version 2.5
OnSIS Secondary: Version 18.7
OnSIS Elementary: Version 16.3
OnSIS Night: Version 10.5
OnSIS Summer: Version 7.6
OnSIS ECPP version 4.9
OnSIS Student ADE: Version 2.3
OnSIS Validation: Version 3.2
Enrollment Reports: Version 5.7
Enrollment Fields Report: Version 5.2

Several reports have been enhanced to support OnSIS Reporting Dates Saved by Year. Additional validations have been added to the reports to raise an error if the OnSIS Reporting Dates are not defined for the selected year. These enhancements will allow users to run the previous year’s OnSIS Summer, Night, and ECPP submission reports while running OnSIS October submissions for the current year. These changes will apply to all customers who have their Summer/Night/ECPP schools all on the same server as day schools.


'OnSIS Verification- Details and Summary' Reporting English Speaking Country Section E

OnSIS Verification- Details: version 2.2

OnSIS Summary Reporting: Version 2.3

The Report was incorrectly counting students for students coming from another province where the Previous Country field is empty and the Previous Province field is filled. This issue has been fixed.


OnSIS Secondary - Class and Class Assignment Segments Generated for Section with No Student Enrollment

OnSIS Secondary Submission: Version 18.7

Report updated to generate the class or educator class assignment segment only when the section on the storedgrade mark matches the sectionID on the class enrollment besides the other conditions.


Universal Rostering API – ON Specific Teachers and Users Queries Have Been Fixed and Enhanced for Performance

Additional references: PSSR-316731,PSSR-317247, PSSR-326189

On versions of PowerSchool 23.5 and 23.6, the Universal Rostering API’s for Ontario were not working. Improvements have been made to fix this issue and to improve the performance.

Users must be on PowerSchool Version 23.7 or higher and take this release to fix this issue. Users not using Universal Rostering are not affected by this change.

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