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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-273161All States/Provinces: PowerTeacher Seating Chart Update

The PowerTeacher Portal's Seating Chart page is updated and now honors the "Prevent Attendance page submit if blank attendance is used (PowerTeacher)" setting on the Attendance Preferences page.

PSSR-270743CodeSets – Expose Language Code Set to the Ontario Clients

Language CodeSet is made available for Ontario clients for adding codes at District.

PSSR-277411Edit School - Language Program Minutes - View Only User Update

The Submit and Delete buttons are removed for users with view-only permission on the Language Program Minutes page under Enhanced Edit School.

PSSR-271827Elementary Report cards (1-6, 7-8) - Boxes Are Not Checked When Run for Multiple Students

Additional Reference - PSSR-271828 

Elementary Report Cards (1-6) - GradeBook: Version 5.3

Elementary Report Cards (7-8) - Gradebook: Version 6.0
Reports are enhanced to generate correct values for all flags when run for single, multiple, or all students.

PSSR-263312Enrolment Report - Tuition Paid Details Update

Enrollment reports (Quad/Octomesters setup) report: Version 1.7

Tuition Paid Details page is updated to print student details even if the student has no FTE to report.

PSSR-271826Kindergarten Report Card - Boxes Are Not Checked When Run for Multiple Students

Kindergarten Communication of Learning Report Card: Version 2.9
Reports are enhanced to generate correct values for flags when run for single, multiple, or all students.

PSSR-253213New Feature - Automated OCAS Electronic Student Transcript

An automated web service is now available to the school boards to facilitate the retrieval and transfer of a student's official transcript to the application centers for students who are no longer attending secondary school. When the student submits their application, they are also given the opportunity to request an electronic copy of their transcript. For school districts that have the new web service setup, the request for the transcript is sent immediately. Using defined matching criteria, the web service searches the school board's SIS for the student and returns the transcript information or a message that the student cannot be located.

Refer to the online help for details in Setup instructions.

PSSR-277395New Language of Instruction - Inuktitut

New Language Inuktitut (89) is added to the Language of Instruction list on the Courses and Sections pages.

PSSR-277385OnSIS Elementary Submissions - Report the New Inuktitut Native language

OnSIS Elementary School Submission: Version 15.0

Updated SECOND_LANGUAGE_PROGRAM Native Segment to report new Inuktitut Native language.

PSSR-275698Performance Issue on Oracle 19C
  • Student Status Sheet: Version 7.7
  • Diploma Date Calculations: Version 1.4
  • OnSIS Secondary: Version 16.9
  • Potential Scholars: Version 3.3
  • Secondary Report Cards: Version 6.2
  • OCAS: Version 8.4
  • OUAC: Version 8.5
  • SHSM Record: Version 4.2

Reports updated to handle performance issue on Oracle 19C.

PSSR-277383Special Program - Native Language Program - New Native Language Program Type

New Inuktitut (028) Program_Type is added in the Native Language Program type list.

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