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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/ Provinces: Enhancement of Field Lengths in Students and Courses Tables

Additional Reference: PSSR-342688, PSSR-339096

The field length of multiple fields has been increased for better usability. Impacted fields are associated with Student names' and course fields.

Note: This is not applied to South Carolina.


All States/Provinces: Digital Equity and Learning Search Update

The behavior of the Set Current Selection feature in the Digital Equity & Learning Preference search has been updated. When selecting 'Missing Student Records (Selected Year)' and choosing to display all students, the selected student now matches the student that opens from the results list, and the Set Current Selection functions as expected.


All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Report Updates

Student Incident Profile Report: Version 1.5

The Student Incident Profile Report has received the following updates:

  • The Student Incident Profile Report has been updated and no longer fails when the incident description exceeds 4000 characters. The report will now truncate incident descriptions exceeding 4000 characters.

  • The report has been updated to display Participant Attributes, Incident Attributes, and Action attributes.

  • The report has been updated to display accurate and non-duplicated attribute records for the selected student.

    • The report has been updated to extract the categories and their respective sub-categories/subcodes participant Attribute/Behavior/Action.


Documentation Update - OnSIS Elementary & Secondary - Special Education selection Criteria

OnSIS Elementary and Secondary documentation, Special Education segment selection criteria have been enhanced to accurately reflect the logic for including the Special Education program in the file. The documentation is updated as follows:

If a student is enrolled in a special program that qualifies for a special education program ([Gen]spedindicator = 1), then the special education segment will be generated.

  • The student must be enrolled in the special program on the submission period count date.

  • If the school ends before the count date, they must be active in the program as of the last day of school enrollment.

  • If students withdraw from school before the end date, they must be active in the program as of the last day of school enrollment.


Enhanced UI – ON Specific Feilds Are Not Displayed for Special Education Student Program

In enhanced UI, if a student's Special Education program is selected, the ON-specific fields are not displayed unless the program name starts with Special Education. This issue has been resolved by displaying the appropriate fields for special education programs using the Qualifies for a special education program flag instead of relying on the program name.


Enhanced UI – School Name Added to Literacy/Numeracy and Language Program Minutes Pages

The enhanced UI now provides clearer visibility of the school associated with the page when editing the Literacy/Numeracy and Language Program Minutes pages from District Office, The school name is added to the title of both pages.


Enhancement to Online Learning Graduation Requirement for Adult Learners

Status Sheet: Version 9.0

Secondary Report Card: Version 7.5

Online Learning graduation requirement applies to adults who will be entering the Ontario school system for the first time in the 23-24 school year (for example, newcomers and/or out of province). It does not apply to adults who were previously enrolled in the Ontario school system. In this release, the function is updated to exclude students who were previously enrolled in the Ontario School system.

Please Note: Boards may still see unexpected online learning graduation settings information in the March submission (and in the October submission if you are still running them). This is because online learning graduation requirements are extracted from the student’s snapshot records created on the count dates before getting this fix.


Language Type Code for Edo Is Coded Incorrectly – Showing as 2 Instead of 02

The First Language and the International/Indigenous Language dropdown lists are updated to show 02 for Edo instead of 2.

A script will be run to update the following fields:

  • Set S_ON_STU_X.first_language from 2 to 02 if it was set for a student.

  • Set S_ON_CRS_X.coned_internationallanguage from 2 to 02 if it was set for a course.

  • Set S_ON_SEC_X.coned_internationallanguage from 2 to 02 if it was set for a section.


OnSIS Reports - Diploma Earned Outside Board Included As Non Enrolled

OnSIS Reports had an issue including diploma segment for non enrolled students who earned diploma outside of board. This issue has been resolved by adding a new value, 'Outside of board' in the Graduation School dropdown list. If this option is selected, OnSIS reports does not generate the Diploma Segment for the schools running the report.

As part of this fix, the length of S_ON_STU_X.Graduation_School field has been increased from 6 to 10 characters. The Outside of Board option stores ‘9999999999’ in this field. ‘9999999999’ should not be used as a school number.


ONSIS Secondary - Ontario Scholar Award Included In Two School Submission Files

OnSIS Secondary School Submission: Version 19.7

The report is updated to report the scholarship flag and date only if the date falls in the submission period and from the student’s latest school ignoring summer school enrolments.


OnSIS Secondary - Standarize Code to Use the GetStudentEnrolmentFieldBSID Function

OnSIS Secondary School Submission: Version 19.7

A student with Independent Study ADE or High Credit Independent Study ADE must be reported even if he does not have any other qualifying record. The report using the old version of the function already includes those students except when the Independent study classes are taken in another school with the same BSID. Using the latest function GetStudentEnrolmentFieldBSID will resolve the issue.


OSSD Diploma Date Calculation - Selection Criteria Enhancement

OSSD Diploma Date Calculations: Version 2.3
The report’s selection criteria have been enhanced to exclude students with Graduation School set to Outside of Board.


Section E Detail/Summary - Update Selection Criteria

OnSIS Verification - Summary Report: Version 2.8

OnSIS Verification - Details Report: Version 2.6

The Section E Detail/Summary Verification reports have been enhanced to use the Birth Country instead of the Previous Country. Students will be counted if their birth country is not in (667, 034, 439, 655, 658, 664, 661, 665, 304, 998, 'CAN' ). This update resolves the issue of incorrectly counting students who were born in one of the inclusion lists of countries (for example, 667-USA) but entered Canada from another country not included in the list (for example 448-Nigeria).

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