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Start of Year Checklist

Use the following checklist to track your progress through the Start of Year tasks for State Reporting. Please see the PowerSchool Start of Year Guide for additional updates. 

District Setup

  • Review and update Ontario District Information

    • Update OnSIS Reporting Dates 

    • Review and update OnSIS Settings

    • Schedule the OnSIS Snapshot to run overnight on October 31, March 31, and June 30 of the new school year

    • Review Board Information/settings 

    • Review Kindergarten Report card Settings.

      The minimum font size mandated by the MOE is font size 9.

    • Review Continuing Education Settings

    • Update Quad/Octo Day 16 dates

  • Review entry and exit codes

  • Review and update school information

  • Update course information

School Setup

  • Review Years & Terms

  • Review Periods and Cycle Days

  • Review Sections

  • Review Bell Schedule

  • Complete Calendar Setup

  • Pre-Register Students

  • Review Attendance Codes, Categories, and Conversions

  • Review Full-time Equivalencies

  • Review Ontario Provincial Information

    • Review OCAS/OUAC settings

    • Review ECPP settings for ECPP schools.

    • Review Progress Report Attendance End Date, First Report Card Attendance End Date. Attendance End dates must be updated to the correct values for the current academic year. Otherwise elementary progress reports and report cards will not print correctly.

  • Review and update Final Grade/Reporting Term Setup

Staff Setup

  • Review and update staff member demographic information

  • Review and update Staff Ontario Provincial Information

  • Update Staff Assignment records. 

    • Review and update educator assignment records due to Full time leave ( add leave type to the assignment record)

    • Review and update educator assignment records due to withdrawals ( add withdrawal type and end date to the assignment record).

    • Create/Review/Update FTE reduction assignment record for educators due to leave.

    • Create FTE Reduction assignment record for educators due to withdrawals

    • If an educator changes position type, update existing assignment by adding the appropriate end date and create a new assignment with an appropriate start date with the new position type.

Student Setup

  • Review and update the student's Demographics information. 

  • Review and update Ontario Provincial Information

  • Review the student's All Enrolments information.

    Pay special attention to course Entry/Exit Dates. it is expected that those dates must be within the student School enrolment dates)

  • Review the student's Transfer Info information.

    • Ensure Entry/Exit Dates are correct..

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