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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Import ID Look-Up Functionality

The Import ID Look-Up functionality no longer fails if the file contains an ID number that is not in PowerSchool. In this scenario, the result file (with the selected IDs appended) returns the following verbiage:

  • Not Found


All States/Provinces: Attendance Change History Report Updates

Attendance Change History Report: Version 1.2

Additional Reference: PSSR-309600

The following updates have been made to the Attendance Change history report:

  • The “Changed by” column is now updated to show the correct information when changes are made via the plugin.

  • The Change Date/Time column and the current timestamp at the bottom of the report output will now display the time the attendance was modified, based on the time zone of the app server.


All States/Provinces: Compliance Package Encryption Key Security Updates

Additional References: PSSR-309549, PSSR-309548, PSSR-309547

Common (Compliance) packages have been updated and hard-coded encryption keys have been removed from the database for security reasons.


Class_Code field Extended to 25 Characters in ON_School_Enrollments

When importing the student enrollment PAE file, class codes 17 to 25 characters are now processed successfully.


Compliance – Ontario Canada Adherence to New PDS Standards

Additional Reference: PSSR-273533

Updates were made to provide PDS Compliance fly-out links for ON state pages instead of tabs when Admin PowerSchool Enhanced Access is selected on the users' Group Security (PDS mode on). Additionally, some pages were modified to save page content without redirecting to the changes recorded page with a back button in PDS mode.

Note: This feature requires a minimum PowerSchool SIS version of to view pages without any error.


FTE SnapShot - Semester Model - Include and Match on Schoolid

Enrolment Register and FTE Snapshot report: Version 1.2

Enhanced the FTE Snapshot, when run for semester schools, to insert a new record only when there is a change in the students' data in one of these fields:








Grade Levels That Are Not Taught at School Is Displaying in ASSIGNED_GRADE Section

OnSIS Elementary School Submission: Version 16.0

The report is fixed not to include a grade level in the ASSIGNED_GRADE which does not belong to the school running the report.


OnSIS Night School Submission Not Displaying All Alternative Schools

OnSIS Night School Submission: Version 10.0

The logic to calculate the Submission Start Date and Term Start Date has been modified to pull the correct date for night schools that started after June 30. Hence the report will output all missing enrolled students of that particular school.


OnSIS Showing Validation Errors for Current Students But for Prior School Years

The Delete All button is added to the Validation Errors viewer page to delete the validation errors belonging to the submission and school at the school level. For the District, all validations belonging to the selected submission for all schools can be deleted by clicking the Delete All button.

Note that the Clear Cache button needs to be clicked to refresh the page with the latest results.


OnSIS Validation Tool – Enhance Logic That Identifies Private Schools

OnSIS Data Validation: Version 2.9

The report is enhanced to identify Private schools with BSID starting with B78. The report only applies private school validation rules to those schools.


Ontario Status Sheet - New Printing Options

Additional References: PSSR-316636

Ontario Student Status: Version 8.6

New options are added to allow the user to Print SHSM Students Only_,_ print All Pages, Credits Summary Only_,_ or SHSM Summary Only pages. Also, added an option to Print Even Number Of Pages to allow printing students individually when using duplex printing.


Validation Report – Error – MSE0062 Displaying for Private School

OnSIS Data Validation: Version 2.9

The report is enhanced to identify Private schools starting with B78 to prevent public school validations ( ex: MSE0062- Either the 'Country (Birth)' or the 'Province (Birth)' must be entered) to be generated for private school students.

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