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Ontario Data Status: Viewing Summaries Of OnSIS Related Data

This page is to allow for quick review if data exists within PowerSchool as needed by OnSIS reporting, or for deletion of imported Pending Area Extract data.

  • On the Special Functions page, select the View Ontario Data Status link.
    Note: You will not be able to select if you do not have administrator access for this page. The page will take a moment to fully load, but will display Snapshot dates and record counts for schools that have imported data. Additionally, the page defaults to filtering out schools that do not have imported data. If loading the page and there is no data imported for EXSMS-001, the page will blank.
  • Record counts are organized by tabs corresponding to each extract. For each extract, the record counts are sorted alphabetically by school, then table name. The record counts indicate the number of records in the custom PowerSchool table that exist for that school.
  • If an extract imports to more than one table, all tables corresponding to that extract are displayed.
  • If a school has data for the table, a delete icon will appear next to the record. Data for the school within the table can be deleted by clicking the delete icon.
  • Data for the extract can be deleted by clicking on the "Delete Records From EXSMS-0## Tables" button.
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