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OnSIS Create Class Codes



This report generates and stores class codes for all classes in the master schedule, not just for combined classes.  Only sections that do not have a class code are reported and updated.

The class code is stored in the Sections table Class_Code field.  If it is a combined courses class, the format of the class_code is sections.course_number + ‘-‘ + sections.section_number of the sections.course_number + ‘-C’ for the 'lowest' class based on course number and section number. If the class is not a combined class, the class code is sections.course_number + '-' sections.section_number.  Embedded spaces are removed. For example:  AVI201-20-C.  The exception to this is if a class starts off as not combined and then later in the year another class is added to make it combined.   In that scenario, the original class code would be used.  An internal field is used to track which sections are combined. Class codes are stored all upper case even if the constituent course number or section number contains lower case characters.

A combined class code is generated if the following fields in Sections Table have the same value in the master schedule:

  • Schoolid
  • TermId
  • Teacher
  • Expression
  • Class_Type (treat NULL as 'R' - regular class)
  • Delivery_Type (treat NULL as '1' - regular day for elementary/secondary schools, '8' - summer for summer schools, and '9 - cont ed/night for night schools)
  • Non-blank value for Institution:
  • This field should be used as flag to indicate whether a course is a dual credit course or not. The value of the field is not important, only that is not blank or null. For example, if there are 6 classes with the same school/term/teacher/expression/class type/delivery type and 3 of those classes are dual credit classes, then there are 2 combined classes: one combined class for the non-dual credit classes and another combined class for the dual credit combined classes

Combined class processing applies only to classes where the associated course type ([S_ON_CRS_X]Course_Type) is one of: 'M' (ministry defined), 'L' (locally developed), or 'H' (elementary homeroom).

The value of a class code for any particular class is independent of whether there are any students enrolled in the class at the time the class code is generated.  A class code is not related to any specific OnSIS submission period.  A class code simply uniquely identifies the class in the context of the other classes in the master schedule based on teacher and meeting time.  Whether a particular class is actually submitted to OnSIS, and, if so, whether it generates a <CLASS> segment with its own class code or is submitted as a child <SEGMENT> segment for another class code, is handled by the OnSIS extract based on the contents of PAE files and student class enrolments.

Selection Criteria

Sections without class codes for the current year will be processed.  Once the class code is updated, it will not be processed by subsequent processing.

School Selection

  • When run at a District Level

    • School selection excludes Closed Schools and Schools Excluded from State Reporting.

    • If Multiple School option is used,  a limit of 999 schools is set. To run for more school, use the All School option.

Data Selection

  • The report selects records from the master schedule whose scheduling term matches one of those selected on the report input page. Only schools for which [Schools]State_ExcludeFromReporting is not 1 (i.e. schools that are not excluded from state/province reporting) are available for selection.
  • The class codes are generated and saved for class codes that are empty.
  • When an existing section becomes a combined class because it meets the combined class rules, the internal field [S_ON_SEC_X]CombinedClass_Flag is set to 1.

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.


Select School*

Choose which school to run the submission report for

When run from district level, Indicate which school  to include in the report 

  • Select Multiple Schools – Run the report for students in the current selection.
  • All Schools– Run the report for all students in the district that meet the selection criteria. This 

When run from a school level, default selection Current School Only

Select Terms To Print*

Select the terms for which class codes are to be generated.

When run from a district level, TermIDs are displayed.

When run from a school, all terms for the school are listed. The format is Term abbreviation - Term name - TermID

In both cases the year long term is selected by default.

Update Class Code*

The default is to Update the Class Code.  If Option No is selected, the Class Code Updates can be viewed prior to updating.

On Report Show

Select one of the following options:

  • Only class codes created by the current run (default)
  • Both class codes created by the current run and existing class codes

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Data ElementDescription[Table]FieldName


School Name

The Name of the School

Use [S_ON_SCH_X]Alt_School_Name if defined, otherwise use [schools]name


The student’s Legal Name. Format: Last, First Middle


Report Body

Class Code

Generated Class Code

If the selected "On Report Show" option is "Both class codes created by the current run and existing class codes", the footer "* To Be Updated" is present and the Section ID's for the class codes that have not already been updated are flagged with an asterisk.

[Sections]Course_Number + ‘-‘ + [Sections]Section_Number

If Combined,

[Sections]Course_Number + ‘-‘ + [Sections]Section_Number + ‘-C’ for the 'lowest' class based on course number and section number.


The Teachers Name



The Course Number


Section ID

The Section ID



The Section Expression


Term ID

The Term of the Section


Class Type

The Class Type  of the Section


Credit Value

The Credit Value of the Course


Delivery Type

The Delivery Type for the Section


Institution Type

The Institution code for the Course.



Combined Class Count

The Name of the School

Count of Unique Combined Class Codes that will be generated

Class Code Count

The student’s Legal Name. Format: Last, First Middle

Count of Class Codes to be generated

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