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Get Section Num Classes

Function Name: PSSR_ON_Common.GetSectionNumClasses

Function Parameters

School identifier: the school for which the section is defined

Section identifier: the section to get the number of classes for

Start date: count classes from this start date (inclusive)

End date: count classes to this end date (inclusive)

Function Return Value

Returns the number of times between two dates that a section meets.


The logic looks at the calendar setup for in-session days and ties the Cycle and Bell Schedule setup back to the section. If the section is set up to meet over multiple periods or cycles, the logic calculates the total number of class meetings for all periods in the section schedule expression, as long the periods are defined in the bell schedule for that calendar day.

Checks the value of the Record Attendance field:

 If Record Attendance is set to "Once for All Meetings", then   

 Multi-period consecutive or none consecutive periods count as a single meeting, rather than the number of periods.

 If Record Attendance is set to "Each Meeting Separately", then

Each period is counted.

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