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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-259043All States/Provinces: Health & Attendance Report Names Displaying in html Update

The Health and Attendance report titles and descriptions are updated and will now display correctly.

PSSR-284110Automated OCAS Electronic Student Transcript Enhancement

The webservice has been moved to a new location. refer to the Online Setup Instruction - Appendix N for the End Point URL.

This feature require minimum PowerSchool version of 20.11 and minimum Provincial Reporting version of  

PSSR-237219Educator Assignment Replace Virtual Tables and Custom Fields with Extended Tables

The following pages are modified to use the extension tables instead of the virtual tables:

  • Edit Staff Page - Ontario Provincial Information (faculty\\state
    facultyON.html )
  • Edit Class Assignment (faculty\\state\\can_on
    editClass.html )
  • New Class Assignment (faculty\\state\\can_on
  • Edit Educator Assignment (faculty\\state\\can_on
  • New Educator Assignment (faculty\\state\\can_on
    newEduAssign.html and newEduAssignSchool.html )
  • Educator Assignments for School (faculty\\state\\can_on
PSSR-280349French Card Report Enhanced to Prevent Generating Duplicates

Student Record of Accumulated Instruction in French As a Second Language: Version 1.8

When regenerating the report for the same students and terms by using the Generate & Print option, the delete logic of the report is enhanced to ensure that existing records are deleted before new records are created.

PSSR-284081Non-admin Users Getting Unauthorized Data Access on ON State Tabs

All users (admin/non-admin) with the required security settings can now access the "Completed Work Units/Lessons" and "SHSM Certification" tab.

PSSR-276227Transfer Info - New field Transcript Entry Date Override

A new field “Transcript Entry Date” is added to Transfer Info > Current Enrollment and Previous Enrollments pages. The new boards can use this field to override the student’s entry date if not all the students'  enrolment records are migrated to PowerSchool.
If populated, this field will be override the Entry Date printed on the student’s transcript.several reports It is expected to populate this field on the earliest enrolment record in the school. 

PSSR-278277Reports - Fixed Entry Date When Printing from the Day School After Transferring to a Graduation School

Ontario Student Transcript: Version 7.3

OCAS Electronic Transcript: Version 2.0

Office Index Card version 4.0

Student Status Sheet 7.8

Ontario Student Transcript and OCAS Electronic Transcript reports  are fixed to print the correct entry date, school name, and school number when printing from the last school at which the student was enrolled prior to the current enrolment provided the current school has not yet posted marks for the student.

The printed entry date is the earliest date in the latest set of enrolment with no gaps in the school running report (assuming the graduation School field is not populated). For Grade 8 students, when the report is run from the elementary school or district, Entry Date is retrieved from the earliest cross-enrollment. If the report is run from the secondary school, Entry Date is retrieved from the earliest cross-enrollment from that school.

This change will allow printing the reports for graduated students from their last day school before transferring to the graduation school.

Reports are also enhanced to print Transcript Entry Date (override field ) on the earliest date in the latest set of enrolment with no gaps in the school running report if defined otherwise the entry date will be printed.

PSSR-281312Transcript - Print Designated School instead of ECPP School.

Ontario Student Transcript Report: Version 7.3

Report is enhanced to print the Designated School defined on a student's record. If not defined, the Designated School defined on the ECPP facility for the student is printed. If the ECPP Facility is not defined for the student, the Designated School defined for the school running the report is printed.

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