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Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Record


In addition to earning an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or other diploma, students may also qualify for a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) based on their course work in certain sector-specific courses and upon acquiring certain certifications. A separate SHSM record is produced for such students. The content and format of this report is set by the ministry.

Selection Criteria

Subject to the “Current Selection Students” parameter below, a student is included in the report if:

  • The student is enrolled in an SHSM program before the Effective Date.

  • The student is not excluded from state reporting ([Students]State_ExcludeFromReporting = F)

  • The student is enrolled in the selected school and is active as of the effective date.

If "Ignore Student Exclusion" is not selected, a student is excluded if either the student's Exclude From Provincial Reporting flag ([Students]State_ExcludeFromReporting) is selected, or if his/her attendance type (i.e. EnrollmentType field) = 'EX' (excluded) for the enrolment (i.e. Students or ReEnrollments record) associated with, in whole or in part, the specified effective date (i.e. if there is any overlap between the enrolment start and end dates and the effective date).

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.



Current Selection Students

Choose whether to run the report for the current selection of students (this is the default) or have the report search for students based on school, entry date and exit date (All Students). When the current selection is selected, the Grade Level is still considered for inclusion in the report run.

Effective Date

Enter the date that the information on the SHSM Record Report will be effective. Student must be active on the effective date to be included in the report. This date defaults to the system date

SHSM Programs

Choose the SHSM Program to be printed on the report. At least one SHSM Program must be selected.

SHSM Requirements

Choose whether the SHSM Record Report should include students who have completed requirements, students who have not completed requirements, or both. At least one SHSM Requirement must be selected.

Print Watermark

If SHSM Requirements is set to ‘Students who have not completed requirements’, select Yes or No to print a watermark. If Yes is selected, the watermark ‘Partially Completed’ will appear on the report.

Ignore Student Exclusion

Indicate whether the Exclude From Provincial Reporting flag or an attendance type of "EX" (excluded) should exclude a student from the report.

  • If not selected (the default value), a student's flag and attendance type are examined.

  • If selected, a student's flag and attendance type are not considered for student selection.

Print Course Code

To display the course code in the course title under Credits earned, select Yes.

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Data Element



For all Students where [Gen]Cat = specprog and [S_ON_GEN_SPECPROG_X]SHSM_Flag = 1 and [PS_Common_Code]Category = SHSM_Program_Type and [SPEnrollments]Enter_Date <= Effective Date and selected ‘SHSM Programs’ parameter = [SpEnrollments]ProgramID and selected ‘SHSM Requirements’ parameter.



The student’s Legal Last Name.

[S_ON_STU_X]Legal_Last_Name, if blank then [Students]Last_Name

Given Names

The student’s Legal First Name followed by Legal Middle Name/s

[S_ON_STU_X]Legal_First_Name, if blank then [Students]First_Name

[S_ON_STU_X]Legal_Middle_Name, if blank then [Students]Middle_Name

School board/School authority

The name of School District.

[Prefs]Value where [Prefs]Name = DISTRICTNAME


The name of School.



The student’s Ontario Education Number.

[Students]State_StudentNumber, if blank then [S_ON_STU_X]MIN_Number

Specialist High Skills Major in

The SHSM program in which the student is enrolled.

[PS_Common_Code]Description where [Gen]Cat = specprog and [S_ON_GEN_SPECPROG_X]SHSM_Flag = 1 and

[PS_Common_Code]Category = ‘SHSM_Program_Type’

Date of Issue

The date the SHSM was awarded.


Credits earned for the Specialist High Skills Major

A course appears in this section only if the course is returned by the GetStudentSHSMCourses common function for the student. The logic used by the function is described in Appendix H.


The name of the SHSM course.

Note: If you selected the report parameter Print Course Code, the course code displays in the course title.


Course Grade/Level

The Grade Level of the SHSM course.

Set to blank if [StoredGrades]Alternate_Course_Number is one of PLE99, QEV1W, QEE99, QMA99, QAP99, QSE99,

Otherwise value is based on 4th character of [Courses]Alt_Course_Number:

  • '1' if 4th character is A

  • '2' if 4th character is B

  • '3' if 4th character is C

  • '4' if 4th character is D

  • '5' if 4th character is E

  • '9' if 4th character is 1

  • '10' if 4th character is 2

  • '11' if 4th character is 3

  • '12' if 4th character is 4

  • '13' if 4th character is 5

  • 'OAC' if 4th character is 0


The Total Credits awarded for the SHSM Course.

Count of [StoredGrades]EarnedCrHrs

Date completed

Year / Month

The date the SHSM course was completed.

If a SHSM course is repeated, the completion date for the instance with the highest mark is printed.

If [S_ON_SGR_X]Credit_Date is defined use that value.

If [S_ON_SGR_X]Credit_Date is undefined and there is an associated CC record, use the calendar day immediately prior to [CC]DateLeft.

If [S_ON_SGR_X]Credit_Date is undefined and there is no associated CC record and [StoredGrades]TermId is defined (i.e. non-zero), use [Terms]LastDay for the associated term.

If [S_ON_SGR_X]Credit_Date is undefined and there is no associated CC record and [StoredGrades]TermId is undefined, use [StoredGrades]DateStored (TermID should never be undefined).

Certifications/Training completed for Specialist High Skills Major

This section is only populated if the student has completed Certifications/Training for SHSM where [PS_Common_Code]PS_Group = ON_DropDown_SHSM and [PS_Common_Code]Category = Certification_Type

Certifications/Training (# Hours)

SHSM Certifications/Training completed (Number of hours completed).

[S_ON_STU_SHSM_Cert_C]certType ([S_ON_STU_SHSM_Cert_C] Certification_Hours)

Date completed

Year / Month

Date the SHSM Certifications/Training was completed.



The following boxes will only be checked if the student has completed the following SHSM requirements.

Experiential learning and career exploration activities

Marked if the student has completed the experiential learning and career exploration activities.

Will set an X if [S_ON_SEN_X]SHSM_Experiential_Date <= Effective Date

“Reach ahead” experiences

Marked if the student has completed the reach ahead experiences.

Will set an X if [S_ON_SEN_X]SHSM_ReachAhead_Date <= Effective Date

Development of Essential Skills and work habits, and use of the Ontario Skills Passport for the purposes of documentation.


Sector-partnered contextualized experience in

The student can complete either OSP or SPC but not both.

Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) is displayed and marked if the student has completed the development of Essential Skills and work habits, and use of the Ontario Skills Passport for the purposes of documentation

Sector-partnered contextualized experience (SPC) is displayed and marked if the student has completed the Sector-Partner Contextualized (SPC) Experience requirement. One or more of the following checkboxes is also selected to indicate which area the student uses to meet the requirement:

  • coding

  • innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship

  • mathematical

Note: As of Sept 1 2017, the SPC component replaces the Ontario Skills Passport component as a requirement. However, students can still choose to complete the OSP component requirement instead.

OSP checkbox will set an X if [S_ON_SEN_X]SHSM_SkillDev_Date <= Effective Date.

SPC Checkbox is set when at least one of the three requirement areas are completed

This student has met the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Marked if the student meets the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Will set an X if [S_ON_STU_X]Diploma_Date <= Effective Date

Principal of Secondary School

The signature line only – nothing printed.



“Partially Completed”

Will appear on the record if Print Watermark is set to ‘Yes’ when SHSM Requirements is set to ‘Students who have not completed requirements’ on the report run page.

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