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OnSIS Verification Detail - Section G2

Section G2 - Native Language by Credits Details - Secondary Only

The Section G2 (Native Language by Credits - Details) report collects details of the native language and grade for students who have an Active status as of the count date of the submission. The details report lists individual student information for students included in the OnSIS Verification Summary- Section G2 report. You can run this report only for secondary schools.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria determine which database records are used in the report. Refer to selection criteria for analysis when the report does not return the correct records.

School Selection

Schools that have the Exclude From State Reporting ([Schools]State_ExcludeFromReporting) checkbox selected are not included.

Student Selection

For the selected academic year, School BSID, Submission type, select all students from the school enrolment permanent table:

  • Select students from the school enrolment permanent table where the Board Residence Status Types (S_ON_STU_XML_SCHOOL_ENROL_C.Stu_Brd_Res_Stat_Type) are 01 - Pupils of the Board or 06 - Independent Studies
  • For Other students, the counts include the following Board Residence Status Types:
    • 02 - Native Education Authority
    • 03 - Government of Canada
    • 05 - Study permit/Temp resident
    • 07 - Other student
  • All other Board Residence Status Types are excluded.
  • Exclude fully high-credit students:
    • Students with high credit full-time equivalent value more than zero and the full-time equivalent value of zero (STUDENT_SCHOOL_ENROLMENT. HIGH_CREDIT_FTE > 0 and STUDENT_SCHOOL_ENROLMENT.FTE = 0).
    • Students with high credit independent study average daily enrolment value more than zero and independent study average daily enrolment value equal to zero (STUDENT_SCHOOL_ENROLMENT.HIGH_CREDIT_ADE > 0 and STUDENT_SCHOOL_ENROLMENT.ADE = 0).
  • The report must include only Active Students: Students must not have an Enrolment End Date prior to or on the Count Date for the submission period. The student is active when:
    • Enrolment End Date is null.

    • For June submission, the Enrolment End Date must be July 1st. To add flexibility, a student is considered active if the Enrolment End Date is greater than the Count Date, and

  • Students that have records in the S_ON_STU_XML_SECOND_LANG_C table where the S_ON_STU_XML_SECOND_LANG_C type is either 027 (NL - Native) or 031 (Private - Native).

Course selection

  • Ministry Defined Courses (MDC) (S_ON_STU_XML_CLASS_ENROL_C.Ministry_Dfnd_Crs) begin with “LNA”, “LNC”, “LND”, “LNL”, “LNM”, “LNN”, and “LNO”., "LNI'

  • Dual Credit Courses (DCC) are excluded, i.e., S_ON_STU_XML_CLASS_ENROL_C E. Institution_Type must be NULL.

  • Locally Developed Courses (LDC) are excluded.

  • Credit is taken from the student class enrolment Credit_Value field(S_ON_STU_XML_CLASS_ENROL_C .Credit_Value).

Report Output

See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Board Number and NameThe name and Board School identification (BSID) number of the school board.

[Prefs]Value where [Prefs]name is districtnumber, districtname

School Number and NameThe school's name and Board School identification (BSID) number.

[Schools]Alternate_School_Number. If undefined, [Schools]School_Number

[Schools]Name where [Schools]school_number 
OR [Schools]alternate_school_number is equal to the alternative school number selected on the report run page.

Academic YearThe academic year for which the report is run; the report is associated with the OnSIS Reporting Dates entered in District Setup. Format ‘YYYY-YYYY’. For example, 2012-2013.Derived from [Terms]YearId
Submission Period TypeThe submission period type selected on the report run page.Defined at report run time
Students are grouped by Language and Grade.
LanguageOnly Native languages where students are enrolled.S_ON_STU_XML_CLASS_ENROL_C.Ministry_Dfnd_Crs
GradeThe student's grade. Between 9 and 12.[S_ON_STU_XML_SCHOOL_ENROL_C] GRADE_TYPE
OENThe student's OEN.[S_ON_STU_XML_School_Enrol_C]OEN
Student Name

The student's name (last name, first name).

[S_ON_STU_X]Legal_Last_Name or [Students]Last_Name

[S_ON_STU_X]Legal_First_Name or [Students]First_Name

CreditsDisplays the credit value of the student.ON_STU_XML_CLASS_ENROL_C.Credit_Value 
Native and FrenchThis box is selected when a student is enrolled in both French as a second language and Native Language.Flag selected if student also has record in S_ON_STU_XML_SECOND_LANG_C table where Type is one of ('001','002','003' or '006')
Pupils of the BoardThis box is selected for students whose Board Residence Status types are 01 - Pupils of the Board or 06 - Independent Studies.Total number of students for the grade ( enrolled in all Native languages) where S_ON_STU_XML_SCHOOL_ENROL_C.Stu_Brd_Res_Stat_Type = 01 or 06
Other StudentsThis box is selected when the student is not Pupils of the Board student.S_ON_STU_XML_SCHOOL_ENROL_C.Stu_Brd_Res_Stat_Type <> ('01','06')
Age 21+ IndicatorThis box is selected if the student's age is 21 or over as of December 31st of the current school academic year.[Students]DOB
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