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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States: HepatitisB Compliance Statement Update

The compliance statement for the 3rd dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine has been revised to indicate non-compliant if the 3rd dose is given before 52 days (with a grace period) of the 2nd dose.


ADE and High_credit_ADE for Online Schools Ministry Updates 2023-2024

Enrolment Fields Report: Version 5.3

FTE Enrolment Snapshot Report: Version 1.3

Reports are enhanced to set the students' ADE and High Credit ADE to 0 if the school where the class is taken is an online school.


ADE Business Rule Incorrect – ADE Set to Zero for Other Pupil Students

OnSIS Summer School Submission: Version 8.0
OnSIS Night School Submission: Version 10.8
OnSIS Student ADE Report: Version 2.5

The reports have been fixed to generate ADE for Other pupil students.


EQAO Extracts - Updated Extracts with XML Output and Excel Output File Option

EQAO Report: Version 7.3

The EQAO Grade 4 and 8 TIMSS and Grades 4 PIRLS extracts are enhanced to allow users to generate XML output in addition to the existing Excel output. With this update, users will have the flexibility to choose their desired format for the upload. The XML output resolved the current issues with the Excel output. The XML output does not require any editing before uploading it to the ministry. It is ready to be submitted without any additional steps.


For a Few Fields All Dropdown List Values Were Dispalying for View-Only Users

Field Level security added to Extended Day Program, Diploma Certificate Type, and Grade Designation Type on the General Info page. This resolves the issue of displaying unnecessary field values for view-only users.

Navigation: Student Province page, General Info


Marking Compliance Page as Favorite

UI has been improved to allow marking the following pages as Favorite in the enhanced UI setting.

  • Community Hours

  • EQAO Grade 9

  • EQAO Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

  • EQAO Grades 3 & 6

  • SHSM Certification

  • Independent Study Work Units

  • Completed Work Units/Lessons

  • Ontario SHSM Progress

  • Define OnSIS Reporting Dates by year

  • Define Day 16 Dates page


OCAS and OUAC Transmission For ALL Students Missing Data

OCAS Transmission: Version 9.1

OUAC Transmission: Version 9.2

The report was not generating G1 records for the students due to invalid characters in the Grade field on the historical grades page. Report is enhanced to handle invalid characters in the Grade field and generate G1 records. N/A grade is generated for grades with invalid characters.


OnSIS Elementary - Ministry Updates 2023-2024

OnSIS Elementary: Version 16.6

Report updated to support ministry updates for the 2023-2024 school year. Subject_STRAND_CODE for language updated to LAN-20 and strands are no longer generated. LAN-20 supports NA_FLAG, IEP_FLAG, SUPPORT_PROGRAM_CODE and MARK.


OnSIS Elementary School Submission Report Takes a Long Time to Complete

OnSIS Elementary Submission: Version 16.6

The report has been enhanced by updating the algorithms for faster report completion.


Support Field Level Security For Some Fields

Additional Reference: PSSR-334520

Implemented field-level security for the Residence Status, Extended Day Program Type, and Grade Designation Type fields. Users with different security access levels (full access, no access, or view-only access) will be able to see the fields accordingly.

Affected Pages:

  • Create New School Enrollment

  • Enroll New Student Living in the Same Household/Enroll New Student

  • Re-Enroll In School

  • Current Enrollment

  • Previous Enrollments

  • General Information


Unable to Delete Community Hours Records

Community Hours records are not deleted if there is a new line inserted in the Activity description. This issue has been fixed.

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