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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report Printing Issue Update

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.9

The report has been updated and will no longer print blank pages between pages containing student data.


All States/Provinces: Yearly Medication Inventory Report ORA-00904 Error Update

Yearly Medication Inventory Report Version: 1.3
The yearly medication inventory report has been updated and will now run (and complete) as expected.


Elementary Progress Report (1-6, 7-8) - Gradebook Legacy

Additional references: PSSR-327549

Elementary Progress Report (7-8) - Gradebook (LEGACY): Version 4.5

Elementary Progress Report (1-6) - Gradebook (Legacy): Version 4.8

Legacy reports created to run from 2016-2017 through 2022-2023


Elementary Progress Report (1-6, 7-8) - Templates Updated for 2023-2024 school year

Additional references: PSSR-327535, PSSR-327518, PSSR-327520

Elementary Progress Report (1-6) - Gradebook : Version 4.9

Elementary Progress Report (7-8) - Gradebook: Version 4.6

Reports have been enhanced to use the new template provided by the Ministry.


Elementary Submission no longer generates Educator information for October submission

OnSIS Elementary School Submission: Version 16.4
Onsis Elementary School Submission report has been fixed to generate Educator information for October submission.


Misaligned Text on the Report Input Page Fixed

Student Public Health Unit (STIX) Data Extract Report: Version 3.0
New OEN Request: Version 2.4
OEN Validation Request: Version 2.1

The misaligned text next to the Description field on the reports run page caused some missing text. This issue has been fixed.


ON Student Transcript, Legacy Transcript and etms - performance improvement - incorrectly using UPPER(NAME) on prefs table

Student Transcript version 8.4

OCAS electronic version 2.6

Report updated to use LOWER function on the name column of prefs table in order to improve performance of report by using indexes.


OnSIS Elementary - Educator Assignment Enhancements - Ministry Updates 2023-2024

OnSIS Elementary Submission version 16.4

The report has been enhanced to use November 1st of the previous year as the submission start date for October submission when generating SCHOOL_EDUCATOR_ASSIGNMENT segment.

As per the Ministry, it is optional to report educator assignments that started on or after November 1st of the previous year and ended before the October submission start date. The report has been enhanced to exclude those assignments.


OnSIS Elementary and Secondary - Remove discontinued tags - Minstry updates 2023-2024

OnSIS Elementary Submission version 16.4

OnSIS Secondary Submission version 18.8

starting 2023-2024 year onwards,

OnSIS Elementary and Secondary Submissions reports will not generate the following tags:


Also, the Elementary Submission report is updated not to generate ASSIGNED_SUBJECT/NUMBER_OF_CLASSES tag.


OnSIS Secondary - Enhance ADE Calc for online schools - Ministry Updates 2023-2024

OnSIS Secondary School Submission: Version number 18.8

The report has been enhanced to report ADE & HIGH_CREDIT_ADE as 0.0000 if the school is an Online School.


OnSIS Secondary Non Enrolment segment enhancments

OnSIS Secondary Submission version 18.8

Student Non-Enrollment segment will be generated for students actively enrolled in an SHSM program and have SHSM Certifications to report. SHSM certifications that are not expired and are completed within the submission period.


Transcript/Status Sheet - Enhance reports to include only courses with Secondary course types.

Ontario Student Transcript: Version 8.4

Ontario Student Status: Version 8.8

Status Sheet and Transcript updated to pick only courses with following course types:

  • M - Ministry Defined

  • L - Locally Developed

  • P - Placeholder

  • O - Course Taken Out Of Board

  • Blank

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