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Explicit Category Assignment

Normally the credit earned by a student in a course is assigned to diploma categories by a process based on the definition of the graduation contract associated with the student. To handle cases where the assignment process does not yield the desired result, a mechanism is provided that allows a user to specify explicitly the category to which the credit for a course is assigned. A field named [S_ON_SGR_X]Diploma_Category is present in the StoredGrades extension table and can contain one of the category code values above. If a value is present for a StoredGrades record, the assignment process assigns the credit from the record to the indicated category. If no value is defined, the process assigns the credit as described in the next section.

A category override is only permitted within the set of categories that apply to the course based on a course's credit types - it cannot be used to effect a credit substitution. In other words, a category override cannot specify a category with which the course is not associated.

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