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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-249245Add Staff Legal Gender Field to Support New Gender Values

A new Legal Gender field is added on the Staff information page. The field has four options, M, F, N, and S. Reports use this field if populated, otherwise, the Gender field is used.

PSSR-268317Course Repeat Logic Issue Causing Unexpected Output for Students Who Retake the Same Course

Additional References: PSSR-275038, PSSR-268693, PSSR-275323, and PSSR-275316

Ontario Student Transcript: Version 7.2

OCAS Electronic Transmission: Version 1.9

Ontario Student Status: Version 7.5

OCAS Transmission: Version 8.3

OUAC Transmission: Version 8.4

SHSM Record: Version 4.1

Potential Scholars report: Version 3.2

OSSD Diploma Date Calculations: Version 1.3

Secondary Report Card: Version 6.1

OnSIS ECPP Submission: Version 4.3

OnSIS Night School Submission: Version 9.3

OnSIS Secondary School Submission: Version 16.8

OnSIS Summer School Submission: Version 6.8

Course Repeat logic enhanced to consider student courses as completed for courses with final marks regardless of the course end date. The change may affect the printing of the R or H notes on several reports. Also, may affect printing grade 9/10 courses on the transcript if the course is a repeated course.

PSSR-271206Edit School – Language Program Minutes Updates Are Not Saved in Some Cases

The name attribute cf tags are replaced with the DirectTable tag to ensure Language Program Minutes updates are saved.

PSSR-270171Enrolment Fields and OnSIS Secondary Reports- Enhance Function to Calculate Attendance Type in All Schools on the Count Date

Enrolment Fields Report: Version 4.5

OnSIS Secondary Submission: Version 16.8

For Quad/Octomester model schools, the logic for calculating the total FTE has been enhanced for students moving schools in the semester. For a given count date, Total FTE is the sum of Regular FTE and HighCredit FTE for all schools the student is enrolled in during the semester. If the total FTE is less than 0.7, the attendance type is set to PT, otherwise FT. This change affects the calculation of ADE. This change applies from the 2021-2022 school year onwards.

PSSR-275566EQAO - Grade 9 Math - 2021-2022 Ministry Changes - More changes

EQAO Extracts: Version 5.5

Report enhanced to support new Mathematics course MTH1W.

PSSR-273510General Info Tab Under ON Province - New Values Are Added to DOB/Name Data Source Document List

DOB/Name Data Source Document list updated to include the following valid values as per the OnSIS Reference file:

17Permanent Resident Card
18Confirmation of Permanent Resident Document
19Refugee Protection Claimant Document
20Notice of Decision from IRCC
21Visitor RECORD
PSSR-273905OnSIS Elementary and Secondary Submission - Educator Gender Changes - Ministry Updates 2020-2021

OnSIS Secondary School Submission: Version 16.8

OnSIS Elementary School Submission: Version 14.9

Enhanced report to collect additional gender values N ( Prefer not to Disclose) and S (Prefer to Specify) for educators. A new tag GENDER_DESC is added under the GENDER_TYPE tag to report the gender description when S (Prefer to Specify) is reported. Null is reported if an invalid or expired gender is set for the educator.

PSSR-271712OnSIS Elementary – Attendance – School Closure Collection – Ministry Updates 2021–2022

ONSIS Elementary Submission: Version 14.8

A new tag ‘SCHOOL_CLOSURE_DAYS_ABSENT_YTD’ is added under DAYS_ABSENT_YTD tag to collect absences due to school closure.

Also, ENROLMENT_END_DATE field is fixed to generate the submission start date for non-returning students instead of the student’s actual exit date in the October submission.

This issue occurs when school ends before the June count date and students never left the school.

PSSR-271714OnSIS secondary - Attendance - School Closure - Ministry Updates 2021-2022

OnSIS Secondary School Submission: Version 16.8

A new tag SCHOOL_CLOSURE_CLASSES_MISSED is added under CLASSES_MISSED tag to collect classes missed due to school closure.

PSSR-268172Section G2 Verification Summary Reports Were Incorrectly Counting Students with Zero Credits

OnSIS Verification - Summary Report: Version 1.7

The report is fixed so that it does not count the report totals of students who take a native language course but did not earn credit.

PSSR-270966Student Status Sheet- Missing Credit Under the Diploma Credit Summary Section

Student Status Sheet: Version 7.6

Status sheet fixed to use Course Number if Alternate Course Number is not defined when generating credits under the Diploma credit summary section.

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