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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-274229All States/Provinces: Attendance Page Error Logging Update

The meeting, clock-in/clock-out attendance page has been updated and will no longer throw the following error in the system log:

ORA-00936: Missing Expression

PSSR-270907All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report - Perfect Attendance Update

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.2
The Attendance Profile report now includes students that have blank attendance. Additionally, these students will display the following message to alert end-users as to why there is no attendance listed.

No attendance records have been entered for this student.

PSSR-269245All States/Provinces: Preferred Name Fields Needed

Fields have been added to the S_STU_X table to track a student's preferred first, middle, and last names:

  • Pref_First
  • Pref_Middle
  • Pref_Last

These fields are currently only exposed in WI but can be added to the UI via page fragments and other supported methods of customization options.

PSSR-272625All States/Provinces: Security Updates to Certain HTML tags

It has been identified that certain html tags used in common compliance pages are a security vulnerability. Common compliance pages where these tags were used and all have been updated to address the security vulnerability.

PSSR-272926Completed Lessons/Work Units Report is Missing Final Marks for Some Students

Completed Lessons/Work units: Version 1.8

When a student drops and reenrolls the same class then the final mark is retrieved from the latest class when report results are grouped by the student.

PSSR-270211Edit School – Update Model Setup Fields to Be Stored by School Year

Edit School page at School/district level is updated to save the following school fields ‘Model used for first half of school year’, ‘Model used for second half of school year’ and ‘School uses Flip Weeks’ fields*,* to new table S_ON_SCH_SchoolModel_C so that the data is saved based on year selected. The existing values on those fields are used as a default value for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years. if the values are not the same for both years, schools may need to do the proper adjustments.

PSSR-250042Elementary Progress (1-6, 7-8) and KG Initial Observation Report Cards – Not Printing with Virtual School Setup

Additional References: PSSR-271062, PSSR-271063,

Elementary Progress Report (1-6) - Gradebook: Version 4.2

Elementary Progress Report (7-8) - Gradebook: Version 4.0

Kindergarten Communication of Learning Initial Observations: Version 2.1

Reports enhanced to print from the main school and from the virtual school for students cross enrolled in virtual school. Refer to the online guide for details.

PSSR-273897Elementary Progress Report (1–6) & (7–8) – Enhanced Report File Size

Elementary Progress Report (1-6) - Gradebook: Version 4.2
Elementary Progress Report (7-8) - Gradebook: Version 4.0

Reports had been enhanced to split the template into pages and only use the first page with the new logo to replace page one of the reports

PSSR-270423Enhance Reports to Look at School Model by Year Table

Additional References: PSSR-270419, PSSR-270423, PSSR-270422, PSSR-270427, PSSR-270420

Daily Attendance Record: Version 3.1

OnSIS Secondary Submission: Version 16.7

OnSIS Student ADE Report: Version 2.0

Enrolment Fields Report: Version 4.4

OCAS Transmission: Version 8.2

OUAC Transmission: Version 8.3

Enrollment reports (Quad/Octomesters setup) report: Version 1.6

Several reports are enhanced to look at the school model setup based on the selected year.

PSSR-265790Enrolment Fields Report and OnSIS Secondary – Enhance REGULAR IS ADE and High Credit IS ADE for Quad/Octo Models

Additional Reference: PSSR-271153

Enrolment Fields Report: Version 4.3

OnSIS Secondary Submission: Version 16.6

For Quad/Octomester model schools, the logic for calculating the total FTE has been enhanced for students moving schools in the semester. For a given count date, total FTE is the sum of FTE from all schools students enrolled in the semester. ADE is generated only when a student is a part-time student with total FTE less than 0.7. These rules apply from 2021-2022 onwards.

PSSR-270609EQAO - PISA - 2021-2022 Ministry Updates

EQAO Extracts: Version 5.3

Removed Project Code field. The selection criteria are enhanced to include students who are 15 years of age born in the year 2006.

PSSR-270972EQAO - TIMSS - 2021-2022 Ministry Updates

EQAO Extracts: Version 5.3

Removed Project Code field from EQAO Extracts - TIMSS.

PSSR-273004EQAO – Save Option from Assessment Period Parameter Removed

EQAO Extracts: Version 5.3
Saving the Assessment Period parameter caused the report input page to fail for subsequent EOAO report runs. The save option has been removed from the Assessment period parameter on the input parameter page.

PSSR-250278OnSIS Secondary, Enrolment Fields, and Enrolments Reports (Quad/Octo) – Issue Getting FTE and HighCreditFTE Override Values for Enrolled Student

Enrolment Fields report: Version 4.3

OnSIS Secondary Submission: Version 16.6

Enrolment Report (Quad/Octo): Version 1.5

Reports enhanced to correctly retrieve the FTE and HighCredit FTE Override values from the enrollment record where the effective date falls. When the effective date is not an in-session date, the report uses the in-session date falling before the effective date for the calculation.

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