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Get Contact Phones


Function parameters

  • PhoneType: Null, Home, Work, Mobile
  • MaxRecords: NULL or a number > 0 

Function Description

  • The function is used to get contact phone numbers, based on the specified parameters.
  • The function returns the contact phones for the specified phone type: CodeSets.PhoneType.ReportedValue, if defined, or the CodeSets.PhoneType.Code that matches the phone type specified. If NULL is specified, contact phones with all phone types may be returned.
  • The function returns one or more phone numbers based on the MaxRecords specified. MaxRecords identifies the maximum number of records (phone numbers) to be returned by the function. If NULL is specified, all phone numbers matching the criteria are returned. 
  • Phone numbers with a Phone Type of "Exclude From State Reporting" are not included.
  • The phone numbers returned are in the same order as they appear on the student contacts page.

Function Output
Person.DCID, PhoneType, PhoneNumber, PriorityOrder

Note: The PhoneType returned by the function is the CodeSets.PhoneType.ReportedValue if defined; otherwise, the CodeSets.PhoneType.Code is returned. This means that what is returned may not match what is displayed on the student's contacts page.

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