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International & Indigenous Languages Elementary (IILE) Details Report



This report  provides details on all elementary students in a campus who are in an International & Indigenous Language course. The report is grouped by Campus, and sorted by Campus, International/Indigenous Language, Course/Section and Student Name.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria determine which database records are used in the report. Refer to selection criteria for analysis when the report does not return the correct records.

School Selection

School(s) with the same selected BSID are processed.

  • Schools are not included if the "Exclude From State Reporting" or the "School is closed" option is selected. Only active schools are processed.

  • Language code [S_ON_CRS_X]/[S_ON_SEC_X]ConEd_InternationalLanguage in the set of IL classes for the school with the same campus number are processed.

Section Selection

  • All sections where Courses or Sections Register Type equals 'International/Indigenous Languages Elementary' are processed.

    • [S_ON_SEC_X]Register_ Code or [S_ON_CRS_X]Register_Code has a value of IL

  • Sections where "Independent Study Class Flag" is selected are not included.

    • [S_ON_SEC_X]IsIndependentStudy_Class is empty or 0 (not equal 1)

Student Selection

Note: OEN is not required for the student to be included in the report.

  • For each Course Section, all students who have CC Enrollments in the Section where the Independent Study Class Flag is not selected.

  • Students for which [S_ON_STU_X]/[S_ON_REN_X]Brd_Res_Status is undefined are considered "Pupils of the Board."

  • Students with "Exclude From Provincial Reporting Flag"  selected are not included in the report.

Report Input

For help with navigation and running the report, see How to Find and Generate a Report.



Submission Type*

Select the submission type for the report. you can select Summer School or Night School

Select Alternative School Number*

This is the list of available BSID's to select from. Select BSID of the school to run the submission report for.

If the submission type selected is Summer School, the drop down contains only alternate school numbers (BSIDs) for schools where the summer school flag ([Schools]IsSummerSchool) is on.

otherwise If the submission type selected is Night School, the drop down contains only alternate school numbers (BSIDs) for schools where the night school flag ([Schools]IsNightSchool) is on.

List of Alternative Night Schools

This is a read only list of the schools in PowerSchool that have the selected alternative school number .

Report Output

See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.




Board name and BSID

The Name and Board School Identification (BSID) number of the the school board.

[Prefs]Value where [Prefs]name is DISTRICTNAME, DISTRICTNumber

School BSID

The school's Board School Identification (BSID) Number

[Schools]Alternate_School_Number. If undefined, [Schools]School_Number.


Name of school or schools.


Submission Period Type

Submission period Type selected on the report run page


Academic Year

The academic year for which to run the report. Format ‘YYYY-YYYY’. For example, 2012-2013.

[Terms]YearId (since YearId is 2 digits, representing the year after 1990, this is displayed as a span of [Terms]YearId+1990-[Terms]YearId+1991


The campus' number or ALL campuses' summary report of international and indigenous languages.


International/Indigenous Language

The international/indigenous language for the report.


If defined ELSE [S_ON_CRS_X]ConEd_InternationalLanguage

Student Name

The name of the student (last, first MI)




Student OEN

The student's Ontario Education Number. (OEN)



The student's date of birth.



The course section of the IILE class

[Sections]Course_Number - [Sections]Section_Number

Other Language

When International/Indigenous Language is ‘OTH’

If [S_ON_SEC_X]ConEd_InternationalLanguage is defined,


[S_ON_SEC_X]ConEd_InternationalLanguage -[S_ON_SEC_X]OtherLanguageDesc,



Board Resident

Pupil's Board Residence Status.

If ON_Brd_Res_Status (from Students/ReEnrollments) is one of: '02' (Native Education Authority), '03' (Government Of Canada), '05' (Study Permit/Temporary Resident), or '07' (Other Student), use Other Pupil

Otherwise, set to '01' (Pupil Of The Board)

Total Hours

The total number of hours of funded classroom instruction for the class. Calculated as per OnSIS


Time of Day

Time of session of course offerings.


Class Count

This checkbox is selected only if the class is counted.  

If a student is taking a course in more than one class in the same language in an overlapping period of time (even if the overlap is only one day), the student is counted once and only  the first occurrence has an X in the class count.

If the classes do not overlap, an X is printed on the class count for every occurrence. The student is counted more than once as long as the classes do not overlap.

Note: Students dropping and entering the same class are not counted twice. 


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