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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-257368All States/Provinces: Digital Equity and Learning Preference link Is Visible on Public Portal When Disabled

Digital Equity and Learning Preference public portal data entry has been updated and will no longer be visible when the district-level preference has not been enabled. Additionally, when enabled, the icon in the public portal will display on the left navigation bar as expected.

PSSR-251616All States/Provinces: Clock In / Clock Out Report Completes Successfully

Clock In / Clock Out Report: Version 1.2

The Clock In/Clock Out Report completes successfully for schools with multiple FTE's.

PSSR-255022Enrolment Fields, Enrolment Report – Reports Requires Adjustments for High Credit Fields to Support Quad/Octomester Models

Enrolment Registers (Secondary Quad/Octomesters Setup): Version 1.0
Enrolment Fields: Version 4.1

The following fields are enhanced to look at courses active on 16th days in the semester and get the total current exempt or non-exempt credits. These courses do not have marks as of the effective date for which the report is run.

  • Current_Exempt_Cr,
  • Curr_Non_Exempt_Cr

As a result of the new calculation used for Current_Exempt_Cr and Curr_Non_Exempt_Cr, the values of the following fields may change :

  • Total_Non_Exempt_Cr,
  • Current_Total_Cr
  • High_Credits
  • Regular_Credits
  • Regular_minutes
  • High_Credit_Factor
  • High_Credit_Minutes
  • High_credit_FTE

The enrolment register for Quad/Octomesters will reflect the High Credit returned by the Enrolment Fields report.

PSSR-256384Enrolment Registers (Secondary Quad/Octomester Setup) – Students without Oct MOI Should Not Be Included in Oct FTE

Enrolment Registers (Secondary Quad/Octomester Setup): Version 1.1

For students enrolled or not enrolled on count date, who are not enrolled in any classes on any of the 16th days and do not have any attendance/FTE overrides, the report is enhanced to display a "Student with no FTE" on the enrolment details page. Additionally, no FTE record is generated on the summary page. These students do not contribute any FTE on summary pages.

PSSR-250463Independent Study Register

Independent Study and Online Learning Register for Day School Pupils: Version 2.0

Starting 2020-2021, the report has been renamed to Independent Study and Online Learning Register for Day School Pupils.

PSSR-238270New Multiple Entries - Historical Grades - Add New Other Course Information Value

On the Multiple Entries Historical Grades page, a new field, 3 - Upgrading Credit Course, is added to the existing Other Course Information section to allow schools to identify secondary courses that were upgraded by students during the summer.

PSSR-250125OCAS/OUAC – Enhanced Report Community Hours Calc Logic – Students with Alternative Expectations

Additional Reference: PSSR-250124
OUAC Transmission: Version 8.0
OCAS Transmission: Version 7.9
OCAS - Electronic Transcript: Version 1.7

Community Involvement logic has been enhanced as follows:

  • When all the student's courses are non-credit alternative courses before March 13, 2020, the student is reported as having completed the community involvement hours if the student completed 40 hours or more. Starting 2020-2021, the student is reported as having completed the community involvement hours if the student completed 20 hours or more.
  • For students who graduated between March 13, 2020, and the start date of the 2020-2021 academic year, the community involvement hours are not required for graduation. The Community Involvement hours will be reported as NA for students who have no or less than 40 community involvement hours completed.
PSSR-249989ON20 – Transcript – Enhanced Report Community Hours Logic for Alternative Expectations Students

Transcript: Version 7.1

The community involvement completed flag is selected for students who are taking non-credit courses with alternative expectations and who have completed the 20 hours of community involvement, starting the 2020-2021 school year.

PSSR-250469OnSIS Elementary – Remove Tags AVG_REPORT_CARD_GRADE, Report Card Days Absent and Times Late

OnSIS Elementary School Submission: Version 14.1

Starting 2020-2021, Days Absent and Times Late tags are removed from the report
For the June submission:

  • The tag AVG_REPORT_CARD_GRADE Segment is removed.
PSSR-253379OnSIS Night – Residence Status Reported as Blank for Cross Enrolled Students

OnSIS Night School Submission: Version 9.0
The report has been fixed to display the Residence_status_type value for cross enrolled students.

PSSR-254537OnSIS Secondary – Enhance Report to Support Quad/Octomester Models

Additional References: PSSR-246784PSSR-256100PSSR-255967
OnSIS Secondary School Submission: Version 16.0

Report updated to support schools using quad/octomesters models. The report now uses the new MOI average calculations on the 16th day dates. The report is also updated with special logic to handle the following special cases:

  • Student with FTE to report and has departed the school during the October submission and prior to the October count date.
  • Student with FTE to report and has departed the school during the October submission and prior to the October count date and could have an entry record after the count date (example for Nov).
  • Student with FTE to report, the student is not enrolled as of the count date and has an entry record for the school after the count date (example for Nov).

Report updated with special logic to report Second Language segments.

  • French Second Language Program is reported when any of the following applies:
    • Students enrolled in the French Course on the submission period count date, or if withdrawn, on the last day the student was enrolled in school.
    • Student is enrolled in a French class in the current school year (Course not dropped).
    • Student is enrolled in classes taught in French in the current year and is enrolled in French classes (Immersion and Extended only) in the previous year.
    • Student is enrolled in Classes taught in French in the current year, no current or previous year French classes found for the student.
  • ESL /ELD Second Language program is reported when the student's ESL/ELD classes are active on any of 16th days based on the school model.

Items not covered in this release:

  • Report Native Second Language program when students' Native classes are active on any of the16th days based on school model.
  • Students only cross-enrolled in classes after the count date are not included in the report.
PSSR-256812OnSIS Secondary – Exclude Cross Enrolled Students Enrolled Only in Courses with Course Type Not Defined

OnSIS Secondary School Submission: Version 16.0

The report is enhanced to exclude cross enrolled students if the student is only enrolled in courses with Course Type not defined.

PSSR-250481Rename All CTCC UI Labels to ECPP

The name for section 23 programs (formerly CTCC) was renamed to Education and Community Partnership Program (ECPP).

PSSR-252086Wrong Transmission Type Is Reported for the First Data Re-transmission

OUAC Transmission: Version 8.0

The OUAC Transmission now pulls a value of "1" instead of "1R" for the transmission type field when running the report for the first data re-transmission.

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