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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report - HTML Output Update

Additional Reference: PSSR-320593

Attendance Profile Report: Version 1.7

The Attendance Profile report has been updated and will the result file will be in HTML (rather than PDF). This change allows for a dynamic presentation of the data which will make the report results more user friendly.


All States/Provinces: Immunization Rules Engine Update for Student Date Fields

The Immunization Rules Engine and rules can now be written that compare dose dates to a student’s entry date (into school).

Note: Immunization compliance rules must be updated to take advantage of this new functionality.


Enhancement to the Online Learning Graduation Requirement Calculations

OnSIS Secondary School Submission: Version 18.3
OnSIS Summer School Submission: Version 7.4
Ontario Student Status: Version 8.7
OSSD Diploma Date Calculations: Version 2.1
OnSIS ECPP Submission: Version 4.7
OnSIS Night School Submission: Version 10.2
Secondary Report Cards - GradeBook: Version 7.2
Ontario Student Transcript: Version 8.1

Reports are enhanced to consider a course online if the Other Course Information Online is selected.


Enhancements to OnSIS Night and OnSIS Student ADE Reports

Additional Reference: PSSR-317917
OnSIS Student ADE Report : Version 2.2

OnSIS Night School Submission : Version 10.2

OnSIS Summer School Submission - 7.4
The reports have been enhanced to set the ADE to zero for Other Pupil (i.e., the student's board residence status is 02, 03, 05, or 07).


Enhancements to Ontario Student Transcript Report

Ontario Student Transcript: Version 8.2

The report is enhanced to handle duplicates and expired SHSM programs. based on the SHSM programs selected on the run page, SHSM programs that are not expired on the diploma date are printed as well as if duplicate programs exist, only one is printed.


Enhancements to the SHSM All Requirements Met Date Calculation Report

SHSM All Requirements Met Date Calculation: Version 1.1

Introduced a new run time parameter “Effective date”, which is defaulted to the system date. All requirements must be completed as of the effective date and the report is enhanced to handle duplicate and expired SHSM Certificates as of the effective date when calculating SHSM Al Requirement Met Date.


Enhancements to the Student Status Sheet Report

Ontario Student Status: Version 8.7

The report is enhanced to handle duplicates and expired SHSM certificates. Those certificates are marked as duplicate or expired and are not counted as completed.


Enhancements to the OnSIS Data Validation Report

OnSIS Data Validation: version number 3.1
Report enhanced to limit the user to run October, March, and June validations to only elementary and secondary schools. The "Select Alternative School Number" is now limited to Elementary and Secondary when running these submissions.


Enrolment Fields Report - Display issue on Parameter Page.

Enrolment Fields Report: version 5.1

The 'Schools to Include' field on the report is enhanced to highlight the school that as previously saved for selection using the "Save" parameters checkbox.


OCAS Automated Electronic Transcript Webservice: - Update to <faultstring> Value

As per the Ministry’s request, the response now updated to send <faultstring>Student Not Found</faultstring> instead of <faultstring>No Records Found</faultstring> iwhen the student is not found.


OnSIS Elementary, OnSIS Secondary - performance improvement - incorrectly using UPPER(NAME) on prefs table

OnSIS Elementary School Submission - 16.2

OnSIS Secondary School Submission - 18.3

Performance improvement changes to read from the pref table. Replaced UPPER(NAME) with LOWER(NAME) so present indexes are used


OnSIS Night ADE not calculated as expected when work unit entered via override field

Additional References: PSSR-322384

OnSIS Night School Submission: Version 10.2

Continuing Education: Register of Enrolment in Correspondence Self-Study Online Learning Courses : Version 3.9
For Cross enrolled Students, the reports has been enhanced to calculate ADE as Zero when the work unit is entered via the override field with no mark date completed and the student is FT and if the student is PT on one count date and FT on the other, the ADE is calculated using the entered work units with no deduction.


OnSIS Secondary - STU_BRD_RES_STAT_TYPE not populating any data for students

OnSIS Secondary School Submission - 18.3

The report is enhanced by adding exception handling when the student extension table has no records for the student, this fixed the issues and allows the default value to be printed on the report.


Residence Status Cannot be Updated for a Student on a Previous Enrolment record

The user is not able to update the student Residence Status for a previous enrolment. This may cause validation errors and potentially OnSIS errors if the student’s Residence Status is blank. The Residence Status field has been updated to be editable on the Previous Enrolments page.


UI Performance Improvement for Entry and Exit Code mapping and Ontario Data Status

Modified the query for Map Code To Ministry Code field on the Entry and Exit codes pages, ,Also the Ontario Data Status page updated to use table indexes for performance improvements.

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