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Credit Requirements

Graduation sets are used to record, for each SHSM program at each school, which courses apply to each SHSM credit category based on a student's pathway. The set of valid programs is given in the OnSIS SHSM Program Type reference table. A graduation set must be present for each SHSM program defined by a board (i.e. for each special program record for which the SHSM Flag is on). The name of the graduation set must match the program name.

Each graduation set must contain a requirement for each credit category / pathway combination that applies to the school for that program. The credit category is stored in the requirement name and the pathway in the subject area. Each requirement stores a list of courses or a course group that apply to the credit category /pathway combination for that requirement (for the school and program associated with the graduation set). The requirement record also stores the number credits required for the credit category / pathway combination.

Based on the credit bundle tables in the program specific ministry publications, the valid values for requirement name (credit category) and subject area (pathway) and are:

Credit Category

Major Grade 11

Major Grade 12

English Grade 11

English Grade 12

Mathematics Grade 11

Mathematics Grade 12


Business Studies

Social Sciences and Humanities

Canadian and World Studies

The Arts

Co-operative Education






A course may be associated with more than one credit category / pathway combination. Not all credit category / pathway combinations apply to all programs.

A student's enrollment in a SHSM program is stored in a special program enrollment record. The program name field in the associated program definition record identifies which graduation set contains the course mapping for that program (which is why the graduation set name must match the program name). A student's pathway is stored in the SHSM Pathway field in the special program enrollment record.

The system determines whether a student has met the credit requirements for a SHSM program by examining the courses in which the student has earned credit (in Stored Grades) in conjunction with the course mapping described above and the student's pathway. If a course is associated with more than one credit category, the Ontario reports that show SHSM progress will, based on the set of courses for which the student has received credit, determine which credit category a particular credit for a student is applied to. These reports will fill the credit categories in the order listed above. This is similar to how Graduation Planner determines which requirement (selector) a particular credit is applied toward.

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