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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning preferences - UI Update

The NY Digital Equity & Learning preferences page has been updated to support the common PowerSchool localization.


All States/Provinces: Discipline Incident Letter - Smart Pronoun Tag Update

Discipline Incident Letter Report Version 1.1

The Discipline Incident Letter report functionality has been updated and now honors all smart pronoun tags.


All States/Provinces: Discipline Incident Letter Does Not Complete When there are Large Number of Incidents

Discipline Incident Letters Version: 1.1

The Discipline Incident Letter report runs successfully.


All States/Provinces: Grade Level Immunization Compliance Mapping

For districts using LTK (Language Tool Kit) functionality to rename grade levels, a new UI screen is now available which will allow these renamed grade levels to be mapped to a native grade level value for immunization compliance calculations.

By mapping a renamed grade level to a native grade level, the immunization rules engine will consider that student as being the mapped grade level value when immunization compliance is determined.


All States/Provinces: System/Compliance Reports

SRP reports (reports with the icon to the left of the name), on the System Reports page, have been updated and can now be “favorited” in the Enhanced UI.

The minimum Core version for this to work is PS_23.11.0.0


Completed Work Units/Lessons Entry Box Missing

The Completed Work Units/Lessons Entry Box was missing for S1 Dropped Classes on the Completed Work Units/Lessons page. The

Completed Work Units/Lessons Entry Box is now enabled for S1 dropped classes.


Define OnSIS Reporting Dates by Year - Page Enhancements

Added a new feature to Set Default Dates to minimize manual entry. Added validation rules on submit to validate entered dates.


Define OnSIS Reporting Dates Page - Accessible From the Menu in Enhanced UI

Define OnSIS Reporting Dates page menu option has been added in the Enhanced UI navigation:

District Management, Compliance, Define OnSIS Reporting Dates By Year


Elementary Progress Report Cards (1-6, 7-8) - Printing issue

Elementary Progress Report (1-6) - Gradebook: Version 5.0

Elementary Progress Report (7-8) - Gradebook: Version 4.7

The reports alignment issue has been resolved. Reports print without issues using paper size set to Letter.


Enhancements to Ontario Student Status Sheet

Ontario Student Status: Version 8.9

The report is enhanced to handle duplicates and expired SHSM programs based on the SHSM programs selected on the run page. SHSM programs that are not expired on the diploma date and if not defined on the report run date are printed. If duplicate programs exist, only one is printed.


OCAS Automated Electronic Transcript Webservice - Performance Improved

OCAS Webservices updated to no longer use UPPER(NAME) on the prefs table, instead to use the LOWER function on the name column of the prefs table for improved performance using indexes.


Reports Data Not Matching

International & Indigenous Languages Elementary (IILE) Details Report: Version 2.0
International & Indigenous Languages Elementary (IILE) Summary Report: Version 2.1

The IILE Details and the IILE Summary reports data did not match up due to some campus names being more than 10 characters. The reports have been enhanced to handle this setup.


Second Language Segment for French Language Incorrectly Deleted When French Classes Ended Before March 31

OnSIS Secondary Submission: Version 19.1

If a student has a French class or a class that is taught in French in the current year i.e., either completed before the count date with a final mark or a future class as of the count date, then the student is considered enrolled in the French program.


Secondary Report Card - Unassociated Stored Grade Causing Dropped CC to Appear on Report

Secondary Report Card: Version 7.3

The report is updated to not consider courses entered directly into historical grades (stored grade records with no association to class enrollment) when printing courses' on page 1 and page 2 of the report.


 Section T Needs to Count Non Returning Students on OnSIS Verification Report

OnSIS Verification - Details Report: Version 2.3

OnSIS Verification - Summary Report: Version 2.5

OnSIS Secondary report “Save XML” feature is enhanced to save the students' gender for non-returning students in the permanent tables for (October, March, and June). This change allows counting those students In the OnSIS Verification Section T Summary and Details reports.


Status Sheet & SRC – Online Learning Requirments Is Applcable to Adult Learners Begining of 2023–2034

Status Sheet: Version 8.9

Secondary Report Card: Version 7.2

Adult learners entering the Ontario secondary school system in 2023-24 or later will also be required to meet the online learning graduation requirement unless they opt out of the requirement. Reports are enhanced for students with cohort before 2020 and who are enrolled on or after the 2023-24 school year. Those students are now required to earn at least two online courses to graduate.


Status Sheet – Performance Improvement for Print SHSM Students Only Option

Ontario Student Status: Version 8.9

The report has been enhanced to improve the performance when the Print SHSM Students Only option is used.


Unable to Delete OSSLT Outcomes Data File Import Results Logs

In some cases, OSSLT outcomes data file import results logs cannot be deleted through the UI due to date/time conversion issues. This problem has been fixed.

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