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Multiple Schools with the same BSID

OnSIS Secondary Submission and OnSIS Elementary Submission reports support multiple schools with the same BSID. One report is generated for all schools with the same BSID. If any of the schools with the same BSID are marked "Exclude From State Reporting" or "School is Closed", the school is not included in the report.

To ensure no errors are generated when uploading the report to OnSIS, some segments handle data coming from different schools by combining the data, excluding duplicates when not allowed, etc. Other segments require boards to set up unique section numbers across schools with the same BSID.

The report input parameters now require the selection of School Alternate Number (School BSID), rather than the selection of schools.

OnSIS Secondary Submission Report

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your board has multiple schools with the same BSID, you must set up your section numbers correctly to be able to run OnSISClass Segments require boards to set up unique section numbers across schools with the same BSID.

Class Segment Requirements

  • Duplicate records are not allowed. Class codes must be unique.
  • The class code is created by the OnSIS Create Class Codes Report as course code + section number. OnSIS allows a maximum length of 25 characters for class codes, so course code + section number must not exceed 25 characters.
  • Course codes are Ministry defined and are used by all schools; therefore, boards must ensure that the section numbers are unique across schools with the same BSID.
  • Even though OnSIS allows a maximum of 25 characters, PowerSchool generates class codes  using course code (11) + section number (10) for a total of 21 characters. For combined courses, the OnSIS Create Class Codes reports appends "-C" at the end of a combined class code for a total of 23 characters. The class code field size is 25, so the field can be edited to create a class code of up to 25 characters. 


    • Assign a group of section numbers to each school (e.g., 01-50 for one school and 51-99 to another) 


    •  Use unique character(s) as the first character(s) in each section for each school.


OnSIS does not allow changes to class codes once they are submitted. It is very important to set up section numbers correctly at the beginning of the school year because you will not be able to change the sections after the class codes are submitted to OnSIS, unless you reopen the October submission for data correction.

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