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Import the Standards Using Quick Import

The quick import process will be run for each of the three standard import files.

  1. Choose Special Functions from the main menu.
  2. Click Importing & Exporting. The Importing & Exporting page appears.
  3. Click Quick Import. The Quick Import page appears.
  4. Choose Standards from the Table pop-up menu.
      • The Field Delimiter should default to Tab; otherwise choose Tab from the pop-up menu.
      • The End-of-line marker should default to CR; otherwise choose CR from the pop-up menu.
  5.  Select the appropriate character set based on the type of machine on which the import files were created: choose Mac Roman if the files were created on a Mac computer; choose Windows ANSI if the files were created on a Windows machine.
  6. Click Browse next to the "File to import" field, navigate to the first import file, and click Open.
  7. Verify that the Suggest Field Map checkbox is checked.
  8. Click Import. The Import Records from an ASCII Text File appears. The upper part of the page lists the columns that will be imported into the Standards table.
  9. Click the Check to exclude first row checkbox.
  10. Leave the checkbox under Advanced Import Options unchecked if the standards have not been previously imported into the system.
  11. Click Submit. The results of the import appear. All the records should display as black text. If a record appears as red text, this indicates that there was an error. Either take a screen capture of the results page or save the import file so it can be viewed later. Contact Technical Support if you require further assistance.

Repeat these steps for the other two standards import files.

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