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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


EQAO Extracts - PCAP - Update Extract with the Latest Ministry Changes

EQAO Report: Version 7.4

The EQAO report is enhanced to incorporate the latest ministry changes for the PCAP submission. It is also enhanced to allow users to generate XML output in addition to the existing Excel output. With this update, users will have the flexibility to choose their desired format for the upload. The XML output resolved the current issues with the Excel output. The XML output does not require any editing before uploading it to the Ministry. It is ready to be submitted without any additional steps.


Exclude High Credit Students from OnSIS Details/Summary Report (Section E)

OnSIS Verification - Details Report: Version 2.5
OnSIS Verification - Summary Report: Version 2.7
Onsis Verification Details/Summary (Section E) Reports have been enhanced to exclude High Credit Students.


Kindergarten Communication of Learning Report Card Printing Previous Teacher

Kindergarten Communication of Learning Report Card: Version 3.6
Enhanced report logic to only consider the school running the report when printing the teacher.


New Field on General Info Tab - PLAR Attendance Type

On the General Info page, a new drop-down field, PLAR Attendance Type is added. This field will be used to determine the rationale behind granting a maximum of 14 Grade 11 and 12 credits through challenge and equivalency processes for mature students.


OCAS/OUAC Not Showing Dropped Course Status

OUAC Transmission Report: Version 9.2

The report is enhanced to show the correct course status for dropped courses.


OnSIS Pending Area Extract Data File Import Issue Update

OnSIS Pending Area Extract Data File Import issue is fixed. Users can now select and import multiple files successfully.


OnSIS Secondary - Improve Performance

OnSIS Secondary Submission: Version 19.5

The report has been enhanced by updating the algorithms for faster report completion.

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