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NM Categories and Resources

This section includes the Ed-Fi resources that are published from PowerSchool to the state Ed-Fi Data Hub. The Publish Data section of the Ed-Fi Reporting page allows the user to view the status of the published resources; data views provide the ability to drill down to the details within each data set.

Users can verify the current state of publishing, including any dependencies or errors that may prevent data from being successfully published. To supplement the automatic transactional publishing that occurs because of data updates in PowerSchool, users can also upload data on an as-needed basis using the "Run Now" button. For additional information about the options and functionality available, refer to Publish Data.

Each row under the Publish Data header provides one or more data views corresponding to the Ed-Fi resources contained within that area. To access the records published for any area, first click on the Review or Errors button:

  • For categories containing a single Ed-Fi resource such as Student Demographics, choose Published from the Choose data view pop-up menu to access a list of records and the key data elements that have been published.
  • For categories with multiple resources such as Student Enrollments, first choose the Published item from the Choose view category pop-up menu, and then select the desired data view from the Choose data view pop-up menu.

Note: Additional data views including Statistical Summary, Dependencies, and Publishing Errors are provided on the PowerSchool Ed-Fi Reporting Page to assist districts in ascertaining the status of their Ed-Fi data, and in troubleshooting any exceptions that may exist. 






The Descriptor category is used to describe metadata about the descriptors and their structure. Descriptors define enumeration vocabularies that are not fixed within the Ed-Fi schema, and vary according to the specific state implementation.


Organization Info

The Organization Info category describes education organizations, their structure, and their education offerings. It is used to exchange education organization information about a state's schools, local education agencies (LEAs), education service centers (ESCs), and others.

  • classPeriods
  • locations
Organization CalendarsThe Organization Calendars category represents information about sessions, grading periods, and calendars.
  • calendarDates
  • calendars
  • gradingPeriods
Organization SchedulesThe organization encompasses the course, section, and other data for the selected school year.
  • courseOfferings
  • sections
  • bellSchedules

Student Identification

This category defines students and contains their reportable information.

  • students

Student Enrollments

The Student Enrollment category describes student enrollments in schools.

  • studentSchoolAssociations
  • studentEducationOrganizationAssociations
Student Teacher Sections

This category captures section teachers and student section enrollments, and includes the following data views and resources.

  • staffSectionAssociations

Student ProgramsThe Student Program category describes students’ participation in programs.
  • studentProgramAssociations

  • studentSpecialEducationProgramAssociations

  • studentLanguageInstructionProgramAssociations

  • studentHomelessProgramAssociations

  • studentCTEProgramAssociations
  • studentEducationOrganizationAwards
  • nmped.StudentCTEProgramAssociationCredentials - Coming Soon
Student Contacts

The Contacts category captures any contacts linked to the student including their defined relationship.

  • parents
  • studentParentAssociations
Student Discipline

The Student Discipline category carries discipline incidents and discipline actions.

  • disciplineIncidents - Coming Soon
  • studentDisciplineIncidentAssociations - Coming Soon
  • disciplineAction


The Student Attendance category describes student attendance and attendance taken events. It can be used to exchange daily, section, intervention, or program attendance events.

  • studentSchoolAttendanceEvent
  • studentSectionAttendanceEvents

Organization SchedulesThis category captures the organization course, section, and bell schedule information for the school year.
  • courseOfferings
  • sections

Student SectionsThis category captures the section assignments for each student as published in the StudentSectionAssociation resource within the Student Enrollment category.
  • studentSectionAssociations

Student Transcripts

The Student Transcripts category carries student academic records and transcript data.

  • studentAcademicRecords

Staff Associations

This category captures information about school associations and staff assignments. 
  • staffEducationOrganizationEmploymentAssociations

  • staffEducationOrganizationAssignmentAssociations

Staff DemographicsThis category captures information about staff demographic record and contains identifying information as published in the Staffs resource.
  • staffs

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