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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


NM - Master Record Flag updates

Course: Version 2.5
Course Instructor: Version 4.1
Student Course Enrollment: Version 3.8
Staff: Version 2.9
Staff Assignment: Version 1.7
Staff Snapshot: Version 3.0
Student Grades: Version 3.2

Below reports updated to refer home school indicator (Core) and status flag rather than the master flag.

  • Staff

  • Staff Snapshot

  • Staff Assignments

  • Course

  • Course Enroll

  • Course Instructor

  • Student Grades

References to NM_MasterFlag removed from all the files.


NM Fix DaysAbsentWOExcuse to Consider All Attendance Conversions

Student Summary Attendance: Version 2.2
The DaysAbsentWOExcuse column in the Student Summary Attendance calculation is taking into consideration now all the attendance conversions: Period-to-Day, Time-to-Day, Percent-to-Day, Percent-Period-to-Day.


Staff Position Details Update

  • Master flag moved from Staff Master Record/Position Details page to Deprecated Fields page

  • The page title and Link on the Staff Information page updated to:

    • Staff Position Details

  • Removed the below text:

    • The Master record Positions will have priority in the staff extract. Only one teacher record per teacher in a district should be the master record.


Student Snapshot & Student Template Guardian Changes

Student: Version 6.0
Student Snapshot: Version 5.3

The State Misc page now has the following fields removed and moved to the Deprecated page:

  • Primary Guardian Name (First)

  • Primary Guardian Name (Last)

  • Alternate Guardian Name (First)

  • Alternate Guardian Name (Last)

and the following fields have been added in the place of the former fields:

  • Guardian First Name

  • Guardian Last Name

The above reports now extract ALT_GUARDIAN_NAME and PRIMGUARD columns as per the updated logic.


Students With Location Code 999 are Excluded From Student Summary Attendance

Student Summary Attendance: Version 2.2
Students with a location code of 999 are excluded from the report output


Clock In/Clock Out Report Update

Clock In/Clock Out Report: Version: 1.1
The Clock In/Clock Out Report has been updated and will report multiple Time In and Time Out values, on a single day, if they exist.


Contact Tracing Report Update - Incident Management Data Grouping

Contact Tracing Report Version: 1.3
The Contract Tracing report has been updated and can now pull data from Incident Management. When this data grouping is selected, the following points will be extracted:

  • Name

  • Student/Staff Indicator

  • Student Number

  • Grade Level

  • School Abr

  • Incident Date

  • Incident ID

  • Incident Title

  • Incident School Abr

  • Contact Name

  • Phone Number

The parameter has been brought in a single row which says "Include" and the user can check the option "Class", "Busing" and "Incident"

Note: Description has been updated for report


Student Birthday List Report Update

The list of students will now be returned if the user enters a start and end date that span multiple years.

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