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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Clock In/Clock Links Displaying When not Enabled Causing Excessive Logging

The Clock-In/Clock-Out code is now updated to return a valid studentsdcid and a check has been added. These updates will stop the Clock In/Clock Out links from displaying when it has not been enabled and will no longer cause excessive activity in the logs.


All States/Provinces: Student Incident Profile Report - Days Count Update

Student Incident Profile Report: Version 1.1

Initially the Student Incident Profile Report has been updated and the Days count will now only factor in in-session days between the action start and end dates.


Program Fact Tab - BUS/BUSCE/BUSA Eligibility Fields Update

The following fields are used by the logic that auto-generates BUS, BUSCE, and BUSA records and have therefore been added to the BUS/BUSCE/BUSA Program Fact Eligibility field area on the Programs Fact tab:

  • Student rode bus on 40D Date. 10/01/2020

  • Student rode bus on 80D Date. 12/01/2020

  • Student rode bus on 120D Date. 02/10/2021

Note: These fields were previously only visible on the Misc tab.


Staff Digital Resources Returning Data for Staff that it Should Not Be Listed

NM Staff Digital Resources Template: Version 1.1

The Staff Digital Resources template has been updated and will now only report digital equity data for staff members with the following position codes:

  • Principals: '14', '15', '16', '17', '18', '19',

  • Educational Assistants: '31', '31I', '32', '32I', '33', '33I', '34', '34S', '34I', '34IS',

  • Teachers: '00', '20', '21', '22', '23', '25', '28', '30', '73', '74', '75', '94', '96', '97', '101', '103', '104', '106', '110', '110S', '139', '140', '145'


Student Daily Attendance - Meeting Attendance Update

NM Student Daily Attendance Template: Version 2.7

The Student Daily Attendance template has been updated and will now report the excused or unexcused half-day (EHDCO or UNHDCO) AttendanceCodeLong value based on whichever category (excused or unexcused) has the most meeting attendance records for a given day.

For example, if a student has five courses on a given day, and they’re marked unexcused absent for 3 classes and excused absent for 2, assuming 3 periods absent is a .5 in the attendance conversion, the report will return EHDCO.

If the number of excused and unexcused absent codes are even for a given day, the report will return the EHDCO (excused half-day cultural observance) AttendanceCodeLong value.


Student Summary Attendance - Attendance Calculation / Exclude from State Reporting Flag Update

NM Student Summary Attendance Template: Version 2.7

Student Summary Attendance Report has been updated and the following elements will now factor in attendance for courses and sections that are Excluded from State Reporting in the calculations:

  • Days Enrolled

  • Days Present

  • Days Absent WO Excuse

This was done to make the calculated values consistent with the “Schedule Period” elements as they do not honor the Exclude from State Reporting either.


Student Summary Attendance Template - Daily Attendance Update

NM Student Summary Attendance Report: Version 2.7

The report has been updated and the elements listed below will now be reported based on the attendance conversion (rather than the period counts) for students/schools that are set to Daily, Code-to-Day attendance.

  • ScheduledPeriods

  • ScheduledPeriodsAttended

  • ScheduledPeriodsExcused

For example, if the report was run for one student and for one day, and that student received a half-day excused attendance code (set to .5 ADA in the conversion), the reported values will be as follows:

  • ScheduledPeriods - 1

  • ScheduledPeriodsAttended - .5

  • ScheduledPeriodsExcused - .5

This change does NOT impact students or schools that are doing meeting attendance.

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