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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


23-24 STARS Changes - Digital Equity Data Collection Changes

The following changes have been made to support 2023-2024 digital equity data collection:

Primary Learning Device Code changes

  • Removed codes:

    • 05 - Tablet-Windows

    • 06 - Tablet-Android

    • 07 - Tablet-None of the Above

    • Updated Code

      • 04 - Tablet

    • Note: A reposchema script will update all saved 05, 06, and 07 values to 04

Primary Learning Device Access Code

  • Valid option descriptions indicating the device is “DEDICATED” are now updated to reflect the device is “NOT SHARED”.

    • Note: This change will also require an Ed-Fi logic change to publish the data correctly. This change is targeted for September.

  • Primary Learning Device Access Code

    • Valid value description updates:

      • 02 is updated to:

        • Sometimes, regular interruptions due to poor internet performance

      • 03 is updated to:

        • No


Ed-Fi - Project Nova - Attendance For Courses/Sections Excluded from State Reporting Update

The logic has been updated and now studentSectionAttendance Events (section-level attendance data) will now no longer be published for courses or sections that are set to be excluded from state reporting.


Ed-Fi - Project Nova - S_NM_STU_IndustryCred_C Table Trigger Added

Data Change Framework (DCF) triggers have been added to the S_NM_SEC_X table extension.

With the addition of these DCF triggers, changes to the fields noted above will trigger a publish (or republish) of the appropriate resource (listed below) records in Ed-Fi.

  • studentCTEProgramAssociations

  • studentCTEProgramAssociationCredentials


Ed-Fi - Project Nova - Staff Schools removed from dashboard view

In the Ed-Fi dashboard Published, Error, and Dependency screens, under Staff Associations, the Staff Schools drop-down option has been removed.


Unauthorized Data Access Detected Error when selecting a Course Number in the Ed-Fi publishing screens

The Published, Dependency, and Error pages have been updated and users will no longer get the Unauthorized Data Access Detected error when selecting a course number for the following Ed-Fi resources:

  • sections

  • studentSectionAssociations

  • staffSectionAssociations

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