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New Mexico Announcements

Date Updated: April 13, 2023

Subscribe to the PowerSchool Community for Tech Notes and Release Notifications

Don't miss out on release note notifications and tech notes! Subscribe to state reporting updates in the PowerSchool Community. 

This is critical for the transition to Ed-Fi as announcements, training materials, and other pertinent STARS reporting information will be posted to PowerSchool Community.

If you have any issues accessing the PowerSchool SIS New Mexico Knowledge Base space in PowerSchool Community, please do the following:

  • Speak to your district's PowerSchool Technical Contact(s) and have them create an account for you in PowerSource. This article outlines the process.
    • Note: Designated Technical Contacts can create (PowerSource) accounts for others at their district. This can be done without making them "Technical Contacts".
  • Once an account has been created for the necessary person(s) in PowerSource, they'll be able to create an account in PowerSchool Community. Once they've created an account for PowerSchool Community, they'll be able to access the PowerSchool SIS New Mexico Knowledge Base space.

Ed-Fi (Project NOVA) Office Hours Starting June 13th

"Office Hours" is a new, reoccurring meeting meant to provide a forum for district personnel to ask questions related to the New Mexico Ed-Fi implementation in PowerSchool.

Note: District personnel wanting to join the call do not need to be PowerSchool Technical Contacts. If a given issue cannot be solved on the call, attendees may be asked to create a support ticket with PowerSchool Support.

Hosted by:

Michael Fetherstone, PowerSchool Tier 2 Support Engineer

Eric Wesselius, PowerSchool Product Manager for New Mexico State Reporting

Meeting Information:

Time: Every other Tuesday beginning June 13, 2023, 01:00 PM Pacific Time / 02:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

  • Duration: 45 minutes

Join Zoom Meeting here.

Meeting ID: 925 4018 8442

See the community article here for more information.

The recording for previous Office Hour sessions can be viewed here.

Training Sessions & Recordings

Incident Management Training - Aug 7, 2023

This training will occur at the 23-24 STARS conference and the recording information will be posted here when it's available.

Please see the Community article here for a PowerPoint with more information on Incident Management & NOVA reporting.

Ed-Fi (NOVA) 23-24 Setup & Configuration- Aug 2, 2023

For more details, see the PowerSchool Community Article.

Ed-Fi (Project NOVA)  Descriptors & Related Issues Training Session - April 24, 2023

For more details, see the PowerSchool Community Article.

Ed-Fi (Project NOVA)  Prep & Data Publishing Training Session - April 11, 2023

For more details, see the PowerSchool Community Article.

Ed-Fi (Project NOVA) On-Boarding Session Call Recordings & Community Articles

Group 1 - December 2022:


Passcode: T?CDBz90

Group 2 - January 2023:

Passcode: @dtxF2Za

Group 3 - February 2023:

Passcode: ^98foKng

Group 4 - March 2023:

Passcode: X$IN6&Vv

Ed-Fi Training Session:

Ed-Fi trainings will be announced on PowerSchool Community.

First Training Session Recording:

April 11th -Ed-Fi Prep & Data Publishing Session
Passcode: K?3W60r&

Second Training Session Recording:

April 24th -Ed-Fi Descriptors & Related Issues Session
Passcode: Ef$8uJCp

Current Known Issues:

PowerSchool Updates/Reminders

PowerSchool SIS Supported Versions - PowerSchool SIS Supported Versions: In August of 2021, the minimum supported version of PowerSchool will be 20.11.x. Districts on an earlier version of PowerSchool will need to update. Click here for more information

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