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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Lunch History Functionality - Null Value Update

The Lunch History functionality has been updated and now, when a student’s lunch value is set to blank/null, a history record will be created as expected and will not trigger “nullpointerexception” errors in the system log.


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - LocalCourseCode Logic Update

Districts that are tracking the State Course Code in the Course Number field, and do not have the Alternate Course Number field populated were getting the following error regarding the localCourseCode element:

"message": "Validation of 'CourseOffering' failed.\r\n\tLocalCourseCode is required.\n"

The localCourseCode logic (in the courseOfferings resource) has been updated and the localCourseNumber will now publish correctly for districts that are tracking the StateCourseCode in the Course Number field.

Note: With this update, all impacted resources (listed below) are now fixed.

  • courseOfferings

  • sections

  • studentSectionAssociations

  • staffSectionAssociations

  • studentSectionAttendanceEvents


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - SpecialEducationReferralCodeDescriptorId Update

The logic for the nmped.StudentSpecialEducationProgramAssociationExtension has been updated and now, the SpecialEducationReferralCodeDescriptorId will publish based on the following:

If the student is flagged as a special education student (S_NM_STU_X.SpEd38_YN = Y) and the date the student exited special education (S_NM_STU_X.SpEdExitDate) is either blank or greater than the first day of the current school year, the special education referral code (S_NM_STU_X.SpEdReferralCode) will be published.

Note: This update requires the Descriptors (Common Codes) to be updated by selecting Run Now.


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - StaffDevelopment - ActivityHours Update

Additional Reference: PSSR-315266

The staffDevelopment - ActivityHours logic has been updated to the following:

  • The published Activity Hours will now be summed across all Staff Development Fact records, with the same Activity Code that is for the current reporting year. The Activity Hours sum will be rounded up (to the next whole number) if the summed value is .5 or greater or the value will be rounded down if the summed value is .4 or less. This change will prevent values with decimals from being published and triggering an error.

  • If the Activity Hour fields are blank, a 0 will be published rather than a null value.


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - StaffEducationOrganizationAssignmentAssociations> EducationOrganizationReference Update

The logic in the staffEducationOrganizationAssociations resource has been updated and staff at the District Office will now be published with the correct EducationOrganizationID (the last three digits will be 000).


Student Digital Resources Template - EOY Reporting Date Update

NM Student Digital Resources Template: Version 1.4

The logic surrounding the Reporting Date element has been updated and will now return the correct, trailing year of the school year. For example, 2023 for the 22-23 school year.


Student Grade Level Displaying Incorrectly on some Student Pages

State Reporting pages (off of State/Province NM / Compliance) have been updated and a student’s grade level will display correctly (the grade level will no longer display as K).

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