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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning preferences - UI Update

The NY Digital Equity & Learning preferences page has been updated to support the common PowerSchool localization.


All States/Provinces: Discipline Incident Letter - Smart Pronoun Tag Update

Discipline Incident Letter Report Version 1.1

The Discipline Incident Letter report functionality has been updated and now honors all smart pronoun tags.


All States/Provinces: Discipline Incident Letter Does Not Complete When there are Large Number of Incidents

Discipline Incident Letters Version: 1.1

The Discipline Incident Letter report runs successfully.


All States/Provinces: Grade Level Immunization Compliance Mapping

For districts using LTK (Language Tool Kit) functionality to rename grade levels, a new UI screen is now available which will allow these renamed grade levels to be mapped to a native grade level value for immunization compliance calculations.

By mapping a renamed grade level to a native grade level, the immunization rules engine will consider that student as being the mapped grade level value when immunization compliance is determined.


All States/Provinces: System/Compliance Reports

SRP reports (reports with the icon to the left of the name), on the System Reports page, have been updated and can now be “favorited” in the Enhanced UI.

The minimum Core version for this to work is PS_23.11.0.0


NOVA - FAEA Program Update

The studentProgramAssociation (student program) logic has been updated and FAEA program records will no longer be published.


NOVA - nmped_StudentAssessment - New Resource

The nmped_StudentAssessment resource is now available under a Student Assessments dashboard category. This resource will publish the following data:

  • S_NM_STU_AssessmentFact_C (Assessment Fact child table)

  • The following tests and test scores:

    • AP

    • ACT

    • ACCU


    • COMP

    • IB


    • PSAT89

    • TABE

    • KEYS

    • ASVAB

    • SAT_NEW

    • SATSUB


NOVA - Now-Show Students Updatese

The logic surrounding no-students has been updated in the following ways:

  • The exitDate will no longer publish as 1 day less than the student’s exit date in PowerSchool.

  • studentProgramAssociation (student program) records will no longer be published.


NOVA - Staff ElectronicEmailTypeDescriptor Update

The staff ElectronicEmailTypeDescriptor element will now publish as “Work” rather than “Other” in the staffs resource.


NOVA - staffSectionAssociations Update - Publish all staff associated with a section

The Staff Section Associations resource has been updated to allow for more teachers assigned to a section to be published. In addition to the Lead Teachers, teachers added in the “Teachers/Staff - Additional” area of the Edit Sections page will also be published. For these additional teachers, a role mapping must be entered. On the Roles Administration, Co-Teaching Roles page, each role must have the Alt. code 1 field populated with the corresponding classroomPositionDescriptor. The current values for classroomPositionDescriptor are as follows:

  • Assistant Teacher

  • Substitute Teacher

  • Support Teacher

  • Teacher of Record

The values entered on the Edit Co-Teaching Role page cross-reference the classroomPositionDescriptor values downloaded from the Descriptors on the Ed-Fi Dashboard. If the state updates the list of classroomPositionDescriptors, the values entered in the Edit Co-Teaching Role page may need to be changed to match the newly updated state values.

Teachers also entered on the section page for the fields: Team Teacher 1 Name and Team Teacher 2 Name will be published, and these teachers will automatically be assigned a classroomPositionDescriptor of “Assistant Teacher“.

Refer to the State Reporting Help for additional information on the necessary setup for classroomPositionDescriptor publishing.


NOVA - Student Demographics & Student Programs Update

Additional Reference: PSSR-331937

The Homeless studentCharacteristic has been updated and will now no longer publish under the immigrant element name.

Additionally, the studentProgramAssociation logic has been updated and the following program types will now publish as expected:

  • CSDA

  • HSDA

  • Immigrant

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