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Teacher Sections

Staff Sections

This view captures the class sections to which a teacher is assigned as published in the StaffSectionAssociation resource within the Student Teacher Sections category. The layout includes the School Name, Teacher Number (PowerSchool ID), Staff Name, Course Number, Course Name, Term, and Section Number.


This association indicates the class sections to which a teacher is assigned. This resource is required for all teachers.

Primary PowerSchool Source Data




  • [S_NM_SEC_X]

  • [TERMS]

Selection Criteria

Records are published if the following criteria are met:

  • The teacher was published in the preceding Staff resource.

  • The section was published in the Organization Schedules category

  • StaffUniqueId must be populated in PowerSchool.

  • The teacher must not be excluded from state reporting.

  • The teacher's school must not be excluded from state reporting.

  • The teacher's section must not be excluded from state reporting.

  • The course must not be excluded from state reporting.

  • The course must have a valid state course code.

Resource Output

  • A separate StaffSectionAssociation record is published for each course section in which the Teacher is scheduled based on the year for the Term selected in the PowerSchool UI.

  • A teacher with classes at multiple schools will have a record for each section at each school.

  • A section with multiple teachers will have a record for each teacher associated with the section.

  • The StaffSectionAssociation resource is dependent on the prior publishing of the following resources: StaffSchoolAssociation and Sections.

  • LEAs and Schools may upload (publish) data to the Ed-Fi ODS in real time or on-demand ("Run Now" button).

Data Element


Data Type

Stored in [Table]Field


The section the staff member is assigned to.



The school associated with this session. This is an eight-digit number comprising of:

35+[LEA Number - 3 digit]+[School Number - 3 digit]


LEA Number - [Prefs]Value [Prefs]Name where = districtnumber

School Number - [Schools]Alternate_School_Number if the value greater is than zero else the [Schools]School_Number



The school year associated with the calendar recorded as the trailing calendar year of the school year. For example, the 2019-2020 school year is published as 2020.


[Terms]YearID +1991



The local code assigned by the LEA that identifies the organization of subject matter and related learning experiences provided for the instruction of students.




Note: The field the logic pulls from depends on how the State Course Code Field is set on the District Info page.

The localCourseCode will come from the field that is not selected in the State Course Code field.



Unique identifier of a section.

FORMAT: [sec]schoolid - [crs]course_number - [sec]section_number - [sec].dcid


Composed of the following:

[SECTIONS]schoolid, course_number, section_number, dcid



The identifier for the calendar for the academic session.


Composed of the following:

[TERMS]schoolid, [TERMS]abbreviation, [TERMS]dcid

A reference to the staff associated wit the section



As part of a course section details, the following teacher details are available:

Teacher - Section Lead

The start and end dates of the teacher's assignment to the Section are published. If blank, defaults to the first day of the first grading period for the Section. The endDate will publish only if it is less than the current date.

Teacher/Staff - Additional

The start and end dates of the additional teachers listed are published. The endDate will publish only if it is less than the current date.

Team Teacher Information

The dates of the term assigned to the section are published as the start and end dates of the teachers. The endDate will publish only if it is less than the current date.




Team Teachers:



The type of position the staff member holds in the specific class/section.

Classroom Position Descriptor Set


Lead Teacher:


Teacher/Staff - Additional:

Derived from the Alt Code 1 value of the Co-Teaching role identified in the [SECTIONTEACHER]RoleID field.

Team Teacher Information:





Month, day, and year of the last day of a staff member's assignment to the Section.




Team Teachers:


Additional record publishing information and classroomPositionDescriptor information & setup:

Staff tied to a section in the manners listed below can and will be published:

This includes the following:

  • Staff listed under Teacher - Section Lead

  • Staff listed under Teacher/Staff - Additional*

    • staff will be published if the setup outlined below is completed.

  • Staff listed under Team Teacher Information

For any staff listed under Teacher/Staff - Additional, in order for the classroomPositionDescriptor to publish correctly, the following setup must be done for the Co-Teaching Roles that are being used.


  • Classic UI: Start Page> System> Roles Administration> Co-Teaching

  • Enhanced UI: Start Page> System Management> Security> User Roles> Co-Teaching

For each Co-Teaching role (other than the Lead Teacher role), the Alt Code 1 field must be populated with one of the following descriptor values in order for the teacher staff record to publish:

  • Assistant Teacher

  • Support Teacher

  • Substitute Teacher

  • Teacher of Record

    • Note: Staff with the Lead Teacher role will always, automatically publish as the Teacher of Record. This value does not need to be entered into the Alt Code 1 field of the Lead Teacher role.

Team Teacher Information:

Staff entered in the Team Teacher 1 Name and Team Teacher 2 Name fields will always publish with the Assistant Teacher classroomPositionDescriptor value.

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