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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


22-23 STARS Courses Template Updates

NM Courses Template: Version 2.7

The Courses template has been updated and the Pre-Advanced Placement Indicator column will be blank because it is no longer required.


22-23 STARS Off-Site Data Collection Changes & New Language Codes

The following late data collection changes have been made:

  • Additional Language Codes:

    • 104 - Uzbek

    • 105 - Lakota

  • New Child Count fields

    • On the Edit School page, a new field is now available to indicate the school is a PED Recognized Off-Site Building.


    • On the Special Education tab, the following new fields have been added under a new Off-Site Student header:

      • Off-Site Student - Building Providing Services

        • S_NM_STU_X.OSS_Service

      • Off-Site Student - Responsible School

        • S_NM_STU_X.OSS_Responsible

          • Note: The Off-Site fields noted above are to be used by districts that have PED recognized Off-Site buildings due to Location Code values of 993 & 998 being retired (unless your LEA has permission to continue to use them from PED).

          • If your LEA has one or more Off-Site buildings, the field that needs to be populated depends on how the student is enrolled:

          • If the student is enrolled in the Off-Site building (in PowerSchool) that is providing the services, populate the Off-Site Student - Responsible School field with the building that is responsible for the student. This value will then be pulled into the Sped Snapshot template for element 69 (Child Count Location Code) and the Off-Site building that is providing the services will populate element 2 (Location Code)

          • If the student is enrolled in the building that is responsible for the student (in PowerSchool), populate the Off-Site Student - Building Providing Services field with the building that is providing the services (PED recognized Off-Site buildings must have the new school-level field mentioned above set). This responsible school number will be pulled into the Sped Snapshot template for element 2 (Location Code). Element 69 (Child Count Location Code) will be blank for these students.


22-23 STARS Staff & Staff Snapshot Updates

NM Staff Template: Version 3.2

NM Staff Snapshot Template: Version 3.3

A new column NationalCertified is added to Staff and Staff snapshot templates and will extract the saved value from the new National Certified field (S_NM_USR_X.NationalCertified).

Note: If the source field is blank, N will be reported.


22-23 STARS Staff Development Fact Template Updates

NM Staff Development Fact Template: Version 1.3

The Staff Development Fact template has been updated to pull the following new columns:

  • Column 15 - NotCollected

  • Column 16 - MentorTraining

    • Only required for MENTOR records

    • Source Field: S_NM_USR_DevFact_C.MentorTraining

  • Column 17 - NotCollected

  • Column 18 - MentorID

    • Only required for MENTEE records

    • Source Field: S_NM_USR_DevFact_C.MentorDCID

      • Note: The report will return the sytaff SSN based on the DCID


22-23 STARS Staff Digital Resources Template Deprecated

The Staff Digital Resource Template has been deprecated and removed from the State Reports tab.


Course Content Code - Update

The Course Content Code drop-down at the Course and Section levels have been updated with the following changes:

  • Added Code

    • NMCC - New Mexico Course Consortium

  • Retired Code

    • NMVCC - New Mexico Virtual Course Consortium

Additionally, a report schema update will also update any courses and (22-23) sections with a value of NMVCC to a value of NMCC.


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - New Resources

The following resources can now be published for the Project Nova initiative:

  • Calendar

  • CalendarDates


STARS 22-23 Assessment Fact Data Collection Changes

The following updates have been made to the Assessment Fact data collection page:

Retired Item Description Codes

  • Woodcock-Munoz

  • IPT

  • LAS

Updated Item Description Code

  • HL - Home/Heritage Program Language for state-funded bilingual multicultural education programs


STARS 22-23 Student & Student Snapshot Template Updates

NM Student Template: Version 6.8

NM Student Snapshot Template: Version 6.1

The Student and Student Snapshot templates have been updated and will now extract the two new Military Family Code values.


STARS 22-23 Student Daily Attendance Template Updates

NM Student Daily Attendance Template: Version 2.9

The Student Daily Attendance report has been updated and will now report the Cultural Observance Attendance Code Long values at the corresponding reporting period (as opposed to only being reported at EOY).

Cultural Observance Attendance Code Long Values:





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