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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


NOVA - Force Publish Functionality for Sped Events

Functionality is now available that will let end users to publish Special Education Event records in certain specific scenarios (noted below):

  • Students that were evaluated for Special Ed but did not qualify for whatever reason (DNQ students).

  • Students that:

    • Exited Special Education prior to the current school year and therefore don’t have a parent Special Education record in the current year.

    • Are currently in Special Education but PED is reporting a certain event is missing on their side that is outside of the normal PowerSchool publishing logic (i.e., the Sped Event record took place more than 365 days from the start of the current school year)

For the scenarios outlined above, this functionality will allow end users to select a year value, for a given Sped Event record (the year should reflect the school year in which the Sped Event record should publish), in the Force this record to publish? field. Once a year is selected, the next time a Publish All is done, a Special Education parent program record will be generated and the Sped Event record (or records) will be published.

Note: Due to Special Education Events being dependent on a Special Education parent program record, If the student’s Special Ed data is such that they won’t get a parent Sped record (students that exited Special Education in a previous school year or DNQ students) this functionality will generate a parent Sped program record to enable to the selected Sped Event to publish.


NOVA - Special Education Events - UI Updates

A new Force this record to publish? field has been added to the new/edit Special Education Events page.

  • Note - This field will be utilized by functionality that is currently in development and has not yet been released into production. Ultimately, this field and the functionality being worked on, will allow end users to force publish a Special Education Event record that is generating an error in the PED validation/verification reports but is outside of the normal Special Education Events publishing logic (i.e. the event occurred three years ago).

Additionally, STARS Submitted Report and STARS Submitted Date fields have been removed from the page as they are no longer used for NOVA/Ed-Fi.


NOVA - Attendance Publishing Page Update

The Ed-Fi attendance page now displays “Mew Mexico” when referring to the student's unique identification.


NOVA - disciplineActions - Response comment Update

The disciplineActions logic has been updated and the Response comment will now publish as expected.


NOVA - Staff & Staff Employment Updates for Exited Staff

If the staff’s Exit Date (S_NM_USR_X.ExitDate) is greater than the last day of the last school year, the staff & Staff Employment will be published. Staff that exited in a previous school year will no longer be published.


NOVA - Teacher Sections Stuck in Started (Performance)

Teacher Section foreignkey logic has been updated to address the performance issue that’s been seen with this Dashboard category.


NOVA - Title III (T3) & EL studentProgramAssociation record update

The Student Program (studentProgramAssociation) logic has been updated and now whether Title III (T3) or EL program records publish will be based on the following school-level flag:

  • Is the school receiving Title III funds?

If the field above is set to Y/Yes, T3 records (and not EL records) will publish for that given building.

If the field above is blank or N/No, EL records (and not T3 records) will publish for that given building.


UI Updates

The following UI changes have been made:

District Level:

  • STARS Reporting Dates

    • Page has been renamed to NOVA Reporting Dates and the Accountability (AYP) reporting period date field has been removed. Additionally, the following verbiage has been removed:

      • This is currently used on Courses and Grades Domain reports only.

  • STARS District Configuration

    • Page has been renamed to NOVA District Configuration. Additionally, the following field has been moved to a new Deprecated Field portion of the page:

      • Include or Exclude Students from the EELTO - ELTP After School Program field

  • Transportation Domain

    • The District Fact tab has been updated and now the only fields that are displayed are fields that are published to NOVA.

    • New/Edit Vehicle record page

      • All fields that are required for publishing now have an * after the field name. 

Student Level:

  • Graduation Plans tab

    • The Diploma Award Date (Ed-Fi) field has been moved to the Deprecated Field page as it is not used.

    • The Last Status Update field has been renamed to Official Graduation Date.

  • Cohort Group Fact

    • This page has been moved to the Deprecate page and the link has been removed from the Compliance fly-out

  • Lunch

    • New Economic Disadvantaged Status Code

      • The following code has been added:

        • 4 (Medicaid Direct Cert as identified in the direct certification report and certified by the district – REDUCED)

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