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Download Data


The Download Data section on the Ed-Fi Reporting page allows the user to view the status of the downloaded resources; data views provide the ability to drill down to the details within each data set and to access the values.

All information in this category is downloaded and stored in PowerSchool publishing tables and is used with data quality checks to ensure all data is compliant before uploading and publishing to the state Ed-Fi ODS. As needed, downloaded data can be refreshed using the Run Now button.

Download State-Provided Data

The next step in the setup process is to download state-provided data. This is a function of the LEA. Schools have the ability to review the data but do not have a Run Now button to process the download.

Note: Not all state implementations require downloading of state provided data. Refer to your state's Ed-Fi Reference documentation for further information about the specific categories and data that can be downloaded.

  1. On the start page, choose a profile under Data Exchange in the main menu. 

  2. The details for the Download Data section may have several options to choose from depending on your installation. Examples include:

    • Descriptor Data (State Codes)

    • Organization Directory (Districts, Schools)

    • State Courses

    • State Programs

  3. Click Run Now to the right of each data category in the list, one at a time. The system automatically downloads the data to PowerSchool. The following columns display the status of the download:

  • Downloading - a Yes/No status lets the user know if downloading is occurring.

  • Errors - the count of error messages received in response from the state system.

  • Data Exceptions - this is scheduled as a future enhancement for the download functionality. The purpose of data quality checks for downloads would be to point out discrepancies between what is stored in PowerSchool versus what the state has delivered in the download.

  • Downloaded - the count of records downloaded.

  • Last Activity - time that has elapsed since the last attempt to download data with the state Ed-Fi system.Click Run Now to the right of each data category in the list, one at a time. The system automatically downloads the data to PowerSchool. The following columns display the status of the download:

6. Click the Review button in line with each of the data categories in the list. The Review page appears from which you can select a data view.
7. Select Data View for each data category from the Select Area to Review dropdown menu.
8. Select the appropriate view from the Choose data view dropdown menu. Using the examples listed above, the data views you may encounter include:

    • State codes – a summary of the code sets defined by the state and downloaded into PowerSchool.

    • District and Schools – a list of districts and their schools as provided by the state.

    • State Course listing – an official list of state courses provided by the state.

    • State Program listing – a listing of programs defined for the district at the state level.

    • Errors - Error messages associated with the download. These messages are received in response from the state system. In some cases, these errors may be difficult to interpret and may only be useful for PowerSchool support and Development teams.

Note - If there are errors, a red Errors button appears in line with each of the data groups. Click the red Errors button. The Review page appears. Select the Errors view from the Choose data view dropdown menu.

9. Each column has a filter icon to click on to specify the filters you want applied. Sort the data by clicking on the heading for each column.

Note: Data views are read-only.

10. Click Export to export the data results to an Excel spreadsheet.

Next Step

Once the state provided data is downloaded, you are ready to map the data using the Ed-Fi Code Set Mapping screen.

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