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Student CTE Programs

This view captures details about students' participation in the CTE Program. 


This association is an extension of the StudentProgramAssociation specific for CTE programs.

Primary PowerSchool Source Data

  • [S_NM_STU_IndustryCred_C]

Selection Criteria

Records are published if the following criteria are met:

  • The student was published in the Student category.
  • The student has enrolled in the CTE Program.
  • The begin date of the program is within the current school year.
  • StudentUniqueId must be populated in PowerSchool.
  • The student must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The school must not be excluded from state reporting.

Resource Output

  • A single record is published for each student and each enrollment period in each of the program associations included in the resource.
  • The studentCTEProgramAssociation resource is dependent on the prior publishing of the Student resource.
  • LEAs and Schools may upload (publish) data to the ODS in real-time or on-demand ("Run Now" button).

Note: Click Export to export the data collection results to an Excel spreadsheet.

Data Element


Data Type

Stored in [Table]Field


educationOrganizationIdThe identifier assigned to the Education Organization that is delivering the CTE program.String

Always an 8 digit value:

  • First 2 digits will ALWAYS be 35 (indicating NM)
  • Next 3 digits will always be the LEA Number ([Prefs]Value where [Prefs]Name = 'DistrictNumber')
  • Final 3 digits will be the building number (sx.LocationCode if not null. If null, then Alt School Number if > 0. Else, School_Number)

Note: If the student is a mid transfer (Enrollment_SchoolID != SchoolID and Enroll_Status = 2), the building number will be the Alt School Number or School Number that corresponds with the Enrollment_SchoolID building (assuming the sx.LocationCode field is null. If the sx.LocationCode field is not null, the building number will be the not null value.)

educationOrganizationIdThe Education Organization associated with the program.String
ProgramTypeDescriptorThe type of the program.StringCareer and Technical EducationM
ProgramNameThe formal name of the CTE program of instruction, training, services, or benefits available through federal, state, or local agencies.StringCareer and Technical Education
StudentUniqueIdA unique number assigned to the student by the state. String

StudentUniqueId downloaded from State

Derived from:


BeginDateThe earliest date the student is involved with the program. This will be the student's latest school entry date.Datetime[Student]EntryDate
careerPathwayDescriptorA set of courses within an area of interest. These courses form the education roadmap aligned to the career path selected by the student. StringThe value is always "Other".M
CIPCodeThe number and description of the CIP code associated with the student's CTE program.StringThe value is always 0.M
CTEProgramCompletionIndicatorA flag to indicate that the student has completed the program.Boolean

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