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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - New Resources & Other Updates

Additional References: PSSR-293377, PSSR-293376, PSSR-285136, PSSR-271895, and PSSR-271894

The following updates have been made for the Project Nova initiative:

  • StudentEducationOrganizationAssociationExtension

  • StudentEducationOrganizationAssociationStudentCharacteristic

  • StudentAcademicRecords

  • StudentHomelessProgramAssociation

  • StudentLanguageInstructionProgramAssociation

  • StudentSpecialEducationProgramAssociation

All the descriptors associated with the resources noted above are now available for downloads


STARS 22-23 Data Collection Updates - New Language Codes

The following new language codes are now available for use on the following pages:

  • 102 - Irish

  • 103 - Welsh


  • Edit Staff

  • Edit Section

  • Edit/Create Student Award Fact


STARS 22-23 Data Collection Updates - Programs Fact

The following updates have been made to the Programs Code drop-down list:

  • Retired Code:

    • WRP


STARS 22-23 Data Collection Updates - Staff Development Fact

The following new fields have been added to the Staff Development Fact data entry page:

  1. Mentor Training

    • Required for Mentor records

    • S_NM_USR_DevFact_C.MentorTraining

  2. Mentor ID

    • Required for Mentee records

    • S_NM_USR_DevFact_C.MentorDCID

      • Note: The staff name will display in the UI but the staff DCID will be saved in the database field.


STARS 22-23 Data Collection Updates -Special Education

The following updates have been made to the Primary Setting Code drop-down list:

  • Added Codes

    • LPPS - Private School LEA Placed

    • HB - Homebound

    • HL - Hospital

  • Retired Codes

    • HH - Homebound/Hospital (HH)

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