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This category captures overall cumulative academic information and current year course transcript grades. The Student Transcripts category includes the following data views and resources:

Academic Records

This view captures details about the cumulative record of academic achievement for a student. Each student's course transcript must be accompanied by an Academic Record. The layout includes the Student Number, Student Name, Grade Level, School Year, Store Code, UIC (student's SC unique identification code), Last Publish Date, and Publishing ID.


This resource represents the the cumulative record of academic achievement for a student and functions as the header record for the student CourseTranscript resource.

Primary PowerSchool Source Data

  • [StoredGrades]
  • [Students]
  • [Sections]
  • [Terms]
  • [ClassRank]

Selection Criteria

Records are published if the following criteria are met:

  • StudentUniqueId must be populated in PowerSchool.
  • The student must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The school associated with the StoredGrades record must not be excluded from state reporting.
  • The stored grade must not be excluded from transcripts.

The Academic Transcripts are available only for the current year and the previous three years for historic transcripts. For example, if 2022 is the current year, then transcripts will be available for the historical years 2021, 2020, and 2019.

Resource Output

  • A separate studentAcademicRecord is published for each combination of student and school year that meets the required criteria.
  • The studentAcademicRecord resource is dependent on the prior publishing of the following resources: Student and StudentSchoolAssociation.
  • LEAs and Schools may upload (publish) data to the Ed-Fi ODS in real time or on-demand ("Schedule" button).

Note: Click Export to export the data collection results to an Excel spreadsheet.

Data Element


Data Type

Stored in [Table]Field


A reference to the related EducationOrganization resource.


State-assigned number for the district.


If the first 3 digits of the ID are "999" then use [students]Graduated_SchoolID

A reference to the related SchoolYearType resource.



The school year associated with the studentAcademicRecord.NumberP_Yearid + 1991R


A reference to the related Student resource


The student associated with the studentAcademicRecord.

termDescriptorThe name of the term associated with the studentAcademicRecord, for example, First semester, Second semester, Year long, Summer school.String

Derived from:
[StoredGrades]StoreCode, [StoredGrades]termid

/diplomaTypeDescriptorThe type of diploma awarded to the course.String

/diplomaAwardDateThe student's date of graduation.Datetime

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