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Best Practices

In order to manage and maintain PowerSchool Integrated Data Exchange with Ed-Fi, PowerSchool recommends the following best practices:

  • When a plugin is updated, PowerSchool may disable the plugin for security reasons to require a review of the changes and again agree to the terms and conditions for using the software. After a release is installed, verify that all applicable plugins are enabled. 
  • Run “Publish Missing” or “Publish All” for each category on the Ed-Fi Dashboard a few days prior to state funding deadlines and at the beginning and end of the school year to verify that all records are updated to the state ODS. Refer to Publish Data for more information.
  • Periodically review the Ed-Fi Dashboard to resolve errors and dependencies and ensure “On Demand” categories like Attendance are scheduled to run periodically. Refer to Data Views and Publish Data for more information.
  • If available for your state, PowerSchool recommends that a reconciliation between PowerSchool and the state ODS is always performed prior to funding deadlines, by comparing state provided reports with PowerSchool provided reports to verify data is correct in the state ODS.
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