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Search for Student Program Enrollments

The search function includes students that meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be active (not exited or pre-registered) at the school.
  • The student must have a record with the code value that was selected by the end-user.
  • The student must have a record that is/was active within the user-defined date range
  • If you are logged into a school, the student must be enrolled in that school.

Note: If you are logged into the district, matching students from all schools will be returned.

Search for Student Program Enrollments

Use the following steps to search for Student Program enrollments.

1. On the Start Page, click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.

2. Scroll to NM Special Functions.

3. Click New Mexico Virtual Table Search. The New Mexico Virtual Table search page displays the following tabs:

  • Programs Fact
  • Programs Qualification
  • Special Education Events
  • Assessment Fact
  • Special Education Events

4. Select the tab of the desired record type.

5. Select the desired code value from the pop-up list for the search and enter the desired date range.

    1. Note – The date range will default to the dates of the term selected at the top of the page but the dates can be changed.

The following fields will display for the students who matched the date and code search criteria.



Note – this will only display if the functionality is being utilized from the district office.

Student Name

Student Number

Grade Level

 6. Do one of the following:

    1. Click Make these students the current selection to create a selection of the students displayed on the page. The Group Functions page appears.
    2. Click List View to list the records on the page that matched the search criteria
    3. Click the name of a student to work with that particular student. 
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