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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - Locations Resource

The Locations resource will now be published as part of the Organizations Schedules dashboard category.

This resource contains room information and is leveraged by the Sections resource.


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - Sections Resource Updates

The Sections resource has been updated and will now publish the elements listed below:

  • availableCredits,

  • sequenceOfCourse,

  • Location reference

  • classroomIdentificationCode,

  • schoolId

  • nmped.sections

    • NMPEDClassPeriodDescriptorId,

    • PreKClassTypeDescriptorId

  • Note: This update requires the Descriptors (Common Codes) to be updated by selecting Run Now.


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - staffEducationOrganizationEmploymentAssociations Resource & staffs Update

The following elements will now publish under the staffEducationOrganizationEmploymentAssociations resource, instead of the staff resource:

  • YearsOfPriorProfessionalExperience

  • YearsOfPriorTeachingExperience

Additionally, the following element will be published under the staffEducationOrganizationEmploymentAssociations resource:

  • NatioanlCertified


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - StudentCTEProgramAssociation & StudentCTEProgramAssociationCredentials Resources

The following resources can now be published for the Project Nova initiative:

  • StudentCTEProgramAssociation

  • StudentCTEProgramAssociationCredentials


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - studentEducationOrganizationAssociations - Digital Equity Element Updates

The following elements will now be published as part of the studentEducationOrganizationAssociations resource.

  • internetAccessInResidence

  • internetAccessTypeInResidenceDescriptor

  • internetPerformanceInResidenceDescriptor

  • primaryLearningDeviceAccessDescriptor

  • primaryLearningDeviceAwayFromSchoolDescriptor

  • primaryLearningDeviceProviderDescriptor

Note: This update requires the Descriptors (Common Codes) to be updated by selecting Run Now.


Ed-Fi - Project Nova Pilot - StudentProgramAssociationService Update

The studentProgramAssociation resource has been updated and the following Service-related elements will now be published:

  • serviceDescriptor

  • ServiceBeginDate

  • ServiceEndDate

  • serviceFrequency


Ed-Fi Framework: Failed Delete Events Incorrectly Being Removed From The Dashboard

Problem: The order and timing of deletes isn’t always occurring correctly based on dependencies of each resource. For example, when a section is deleted, events are generated for section, studentSectionAssignment and staffSectionAssignment, etc. These records would process in any order, however, a section cannot be deleted until all dependent resources have been deleted. This results in a failed delete with the state ODS and this failure is not communicated back to the user, thus leaving the ODS and PowerSchool out of sync.

Solution: When delete events are published, they will now occur with the lowest record first back up to the highest record. This will result in studentSectionAssignment and staffSectionAssignment being published before section is published. This may not work correctly each time due to simultaneous publishing. If a record does fail, it will now appear in the Errors section on the dashboard with an error from the ODS stating that there is a dependency preventing the record from being deleted. The record will then retry the delete every 10 minutes up to 1 hour. After 1 hour, the record will remain as an error and reconciliation will need to be run to remove the dependencies.


New - District Level Contact Logic Prefence Update

A new district level setting is available that will allow districts to determine the order of field sets the Student, Student Snapshot, and Ed-Fi look at when pulling the following guardian elements:

  • Guardian Name

  • Guardian Phone

  • Guardian Email

The field sets, which can be given a rank of 1 through 3 (1 indicates that field set will be checked first), are as follows:

  • NM Specific Fields

    • Primary Guardian Name(First)

      • S_NM_STU_X.GuardianFirstName

    • Primary Guardian Name(Last)

      • S_NM_STU_X.GuardianLastName

    • Primary Guardian Email

      • S_NM_STU_X.GuardianEmail

    • Primary Guardian Phone

      • S_NM_STU_X.GuardianPhone

  • Legacy Guardian Fields

    • Guardian Name (First)

      • StudentCoreFields.GuardianFN

    • Guardian Name (Last)

      • StudentCoreFields.GuardianLN

    • Guardian Daytime Phone

      • StudentCoreFields.GuardianDayPhone

    • Guardian Email

      • Students.GuardianEmail

  • Unlimited (Student) Contacts

The Student template, Student Snapshot template, and Ed-Fi are being updated (in an upcoming release) and will evaluate a student’s guardian data based on rank set at the district level.


NM Specific Fields has been given a rank of 1

Legacy Guardian Fields has been given a rank of 2

Contacts has been given a rank of 3

If the NM Specific Fields field set has a rank of 1, the reports and Ed-Fi will first look at those fields for the presence of a guardian first and last name. If a name is found, the name, phone, and email will come from this set of fields.

If no guardian name is found in the NM Specific Fields fields, the reports and Ed-Fi will then check the field set which has been given the rank of 2 (the Legacy Guardian Fields in this example). If the Legacy Guardian Field set does contain a guardian first and last name, the reports and Ed-Fi will pull the guardian elements from this set of fields.

If no guardian name is found in the Legacy Guardian Fields fields, the reports and Ed-Fi will then check the field set which has been given the rank of 3 (the Contacts fields in this example). If the guardian data comes from Contacts, the elements will pull from the highest ranking contact where “Lives With” and “Has Custody” are checked.

Note: In order for the Student template, Student Snapshot template, and Ed-Fi to pull the guardian elements from a certain field set, the guardian name (first and last) MUST be entered in the respective fields for that field set. If no name is found, none of the guardian elements will report from that specific field set and the reports and Ed-Fi will check the next field set (based on rank).

It is critical that districts assign each of the 3 field set options (at the district level) a rank prior to running the Student template or Student Snapshot template or publishing contact data via Ed-Fi.

Additionally, the Misc tab (off of State/Province NM) has been updated and will display the 3 guardian field set options in the order of the rank each option has been assigned on the District Info page.


New - District Level Ed-Fi Discipline Data Source Pref

A new District Level Pref is now available on the District Info page that must be set to either Logs or Incident Management. This Pref will govern the data source from where Ed-Fi publishes discipline data.

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