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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


IN DOE 23-24: Incident Management Updates for the Discipline Data

Additional Reference: PSSR-313521, PSSR-315366, and PSSR-313534.

With this State Reporting Release, the below-mentioned updates have been made available for the Incident Management for the data entry of the Discipline data starting from the upcoming 2023-2024 session:

  • Users will be able to create an Incident Record either by going to the student and then going to the Incidents or by clicking Incident Management, which is available under Functions, from the Start Page.

  • Two new Incident Types have been provided: State Reportable^ and Non-State Reportable. The availability of the Incident Type is based on the Group Settings and the Incident Type is not available by default. Administrators can navigate to the Group, Accessible Incident Types Section and select the required Incident Type for the required Group.

  • All the State Supported/Related Codes/Descriptor Values have a ^ symbol at the end of the Code/Value.

  • As per the 23-24 DOE requirements, the below-mentioned fields have been loaded with the values required for the publishing of the Discipline Data. These codes are available under the Incident Elements:

    • Action Codes and Action Services.

    • Student Arrest

    • Student Arrest Reason

    • Interim Alternative Education

    • Behavior Codes

    • Criminal Gang-Related Event Codes under the Attribute

  • Administrators can create an Incident using Create Detailed Incident or Create Quick Incident. Creating a quick Incident eventually take admins to the Detailed Incident Page.

Incident Management is now available with the DOE requirements so that Districts get used to it in the upcoming months. The implementation for the publishing of the Discipline Data will get released with the 2023-2024 Ed-Fi Profile. And the guidance for publishing will be available for the Districts in the State Reporting Help Guide.


Publishing Improvements to the Students Data.

An issue was found in which if a student exited in mid-session and then entered the school again sometime in the future, all the previous students were getting deleted. This issue has been resolved with this State Reporting Release.


Updates to the GR tab and the Publishing of Graduation Data

Additional Reference: PSSR-316501
With this State Reporting Release, we have made below mentioned updates to the State Student GR tab and the publishing of the Graduation Data which gets published via Student Academic Records:

State Student page updates:

  • All the fields related to the publishing of the Graduate Data are now available in the GR tab. And, the new values associated with the Alternate Diploma are now available.

  • The Type of Graduate or Student Exiting ([S_IN_STU_X]Type_Of_Graduate) has been renamed to Diploma Level ([S_IN_STU_X]DOE_Diploma_Level) in the GR tab. All the existing data will get migrated from the old field to the new field.

  • A new field Diploma Type ([S_IN_STU_X]DOE_Diploma_Type, is not available in the GR Tab.

  • The Graduation Date has been made available in the GR Tab as well.

Publishing Updates:

  • The Diploma Level will get published from the new field, Diploma Level [S_IN_STU_X]DOE_Diploma_Level.

  • Following updates have been made to the existing publishing logic of the Diploma Type:

    • If the Diploma Level is 06, then the Diploma Type will be Certificate Of Completion.

    • If the Diploma Level is 07, then the Diploma Type will be Certificate Of Attendance.

    • If the Diploma Level is 23, then the Diploma Type will be Alternate Diploma.

    • For the rest of the Diploma Levels, the Diploma Type will be a Regular Diploma.
      If the user modifies the value for the Diploma Type then that value will get published instead.

  • The Display on Transcript flag has been removed from the publishing of the records.

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