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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


AD Tab: Page Permissions for Dialog Boxes Updated

For users with ‘view-only' access, the links to edit records is disabled, preventing access to the related dialog boxes.


Ed-Fi: Data Recon Poor Performance

Ed-Fi Framework: Additional indexes have been created to enhance the performance of the Ed-Fi system.


Ed-Fi: Staff Assignments Page Does Not Render Correctly (IN, SC)

The Ed-Fi Staff Assignments Page now renders correctly for customers in IN and SC.


Ed-Fi: Ability to Publish Staff Assignments Linked to the District Office

The data entry for Staff Assignment records is updated to allow a record to be linked to the District Office. These records are published using the appropriate Organization ID instead of the State School number.


Ed-Fi: Student Contacts Publishing Fails Due to Unique Constraint Violation

In a scenario where multiple versions of a single Contact record exist, the Ed-Fi publishing logic has been updated to select the appropriate record based on the start and/or end dates.


Ed-Fi: Updated Logic for Publishing Staff Records

A new field has been added at the District to indicate whether staff members with a Staff Type of 2 should be published in Ed-Fi:

District > District Info page > ‘State Information’

  • New field: Publish Staff Type 2 (Staff) checkbox

    • Default value: checkbox is not selected

  • If Publish Staff Type 2 (Staff) checkbox is not selected, records for staff members set to a Staff Type of 2 (Staff) are not published in Ed-Fi.

  • If Publish Staff Type 2 (Staff) checkbox is selected and submitted, records for staff members set to a Staff Type of 2 (Staff) are published in Ed-Fi.

Updated Publishing Logic for Staff Assignments

Staff selection criteria:

  • Staff Member is active at some point during the reporting school year

  • Staff Member has a State Staff ID populated in PowerSchool

  • Staff Member is not marked to be excluded from Ed-Fi

For staff meeting the criteria listed above, staff assignment records are generated based on the following checks:

  1. Find any active Staff Assignment record that exists for the staff member and publish it as entered.

  2. If no Staff Assignment record exists, generate records based on Schools and Roles assigned at the Staff Setup level.

  3. If no schools or roles are assigned, check for active sections where the staff member is assigned as a Teacher and generate a Teacher record for each school, as appropriate.

  4. If none of the above apply, check the Staff Type and publish based on the following:

    • If Staff Type = Teacher (1) - generate a ‘Teacher’ record

    • If Staff Type = Staff (2)

      • If the district preference for staff type 2 is enabled, generate a ‘Support Service Staff’ record

      • If the district preference for staff type 2 is not enabled, no record should be generated

    • If Staff Type = “Lunch Staff (3)” no record should be generated

    • If Staff Type = “Substitute Teacher(4)” - publish a ’Substitute teacher’ record

    • If the Staff Type is blank - no record should be generated


Previous Enrollment Page: Secure Access Added for Accountable School Field

Field Level Security has been implemented for the Accountable School field on the Previous Enrollment page. Access restrictions to this page are based on their assigned roles and security groups.


Student Test Number (DOE-STN) - Request to Support Legal Name

The DOE-STN extract has been updated to extract the student name from the Legal Names fields if populated. If these fields are not populated, the student name is extracted from the standard Name fields.

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