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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Ed-Fi Framework: Failed Delete Events Incorrectly Being Removed From The Dashboard

Problem: The order and timing of deletes were not always occurring correctly based on the dependencies of each resource. For example, when a section is deleted, events are generated for section, studentSectionAssignment, staffSectionAssignment, etc. These records are processed in any order, however, a section cannot be deleted until all dependent resources have been deleted. This resulted in a failed delete with the state ODS and this failure is not communicated back to the user, thus leaving the ODS and PowerSchool out of sync.

Solution: When delete events are published, they will now occur with the lowest record first back up to the highest record. This will result in studentSectionAssignment and staffSectionAssignment being published before the section is published. This may not work correctly each time due to simultaneous publishing. If a record fails, it now appears in the Errors section on the dashboard with an error from the ODS stating that there is a dependency preventing the record from being deleted. The record will then retry the delete every 10 minutes up to 1 hour. After 1 hour, the record will remain as an error and reconciliation will need to be run to remove the dependencies.


Ed-Fi IN 2: DOE Updates to the Course Transcripts

Additional Reference: PSSR-316127
As per the updated DOE guidelines, with this State Reporting Release, we have implemented the below-mentioned updates to the Course Transcript Records.

  • A new field called Method Credit Earned has been added to the Courses Page, Sections Page, the Student’s CC page, and the Students Stored Page.

    • The value at the Stored Grade Level will have precedence over the value of the CC level.

    • The value at the CC Level will have precedence over the value of the Section level.

    • The value at the Section level will have precedence over the Course Level if modified individually.
      By default, the value at the Course Level will get assigned to all the levels.

  • The below-mentioned fields have been added on the Stored Grades Level as well:

    • Applied Unit.

    • Dual Credit.

    • Post Secondary Institution.


Publishing Update to the specialEducationProgramAssociation Records

With this State Reporting Release, we have updated the values in the Timeline Compliance and in the Special Education Reason for Termination drop-down list. And, we have also made a minor change to the publishing logic of the specialEducationProgramAssociation records. For scenarios in which a student has multiple school enrollments with different schools within the same District in the current session and the student only has a special education record created for the current enrollment. As per the DOE guidelines, an IEP Review Date is required to avoid the duplicate publishing of the records.


Updates to the Primary School Of Enrollment

With this State Reporting Release, a one-time script has been provided to update the values of the Primary School of Enrollment field. With this script, the existing values with lowercase y or n will get updated to uppercase Y or N respectively.


Updates to the Students and Staff Pages

With this State Reporting Release, the below-mentioned updates have been implemented:

  • For Staff Information Page, the below-mentioned Legal fields have been added:

    • Legal Last Name (Data Type: varchar (100))

    • Legal First Name (Data Type: varchar (100))

    • Legal Middle Name (Data Type: varchar (100))

    • Legal Suffix (Data Type: varchar (10))

    • Legal Gender field

When values have been filled into the Legal fields, they will take precedence over the Preferred names during publishing.

For Students pages:

  • DOB field has been added to the General State Information Student page.

  • The text for Language Code 152 has been corrected.

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