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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-235166(DOE-ES) XML Viewer Does Not Generate Output

Expulsion and Suspension (DOE-ES) Report: Version 3.0
The XML viewer now generates output when the report format is XML.

PSSR-236212Add Access School Field for Previous Enrollments

A new Access School field is added to the Re-Enrollment table to track the Access School for a student's previous enrollment.

PSSR-234449Ed-Fi Framework: New Run All Button on Dashboard for Publishing Section Resources

There is a new Run All button on the header of each section of the Ed-Fi dashboard. Click this button to download and publish section resources with the following options:

  • Publish Missing
  • Publish All
  • Publish Errors
  • Publish Dependencies
PSSR-233195e-Transcript PDF Verification and e-Transcript XML Extract: Oracle Error Due to Size of Course_Length Field

e-Transcript PDF Verification Report: Version 2.1
e-Transcript XML Extract: Version 2.6

The column length for the Course_Length field in the two reports has been increased.

PSSR-233854e-Transcript PDF Verification and XML Extract Report Updates

e-Transcript PDF Verification Report: Version 2.1
e-Transcript XML Extract Report: Version 2.6

The two reports are updated to include year-long courses with partial grades as In Progress (IP) if the filter using final grades mapping is set to Yes.

PSSR-222842Inconsistent Drop-Down List Items - Staff Information Page

On the Staff Information page, the "() No" item in the drop-down lists for Exclude from Ed-Fi, Certified Position, and Special Education Teacher is now displayed as (0) No, to be consistent with the (1) Yes item.

PSSR-234883Indiana DOE-RT Report Extract: Incorrectly Extracts Alternate School Number for Transferring School

Indiana DOE-RT Report Extract Version 3.1
When a student was transferred from one school to another, the report was incorrectly extracting the alternate school number for the transferring school, instead of the alternate school number for the school into which the student was being transferred. This issue is resolved and the correct alternate school number is now reported.

PSSR-232709Message Updated on Testing Accommodations Page

The warning message when you select the accommodation option Read Aloud to Self (Student Selection > State/Province-IN > TL/TA tab > Accommodations) is changed to:

Warning: Accommodations can only be used for students with disabilities, students receiving special education services and students who are Limited English Proficient (LEP).

PSSR-234584Native Language Code Updates

The following Native Language codes are added or updated on the Student Page > State/Province - IN > STN tab:

  • 877: Teso (Ateso) - Uganda/Kenya
  • 933: Ukwuani - Nigeria


  • 193: Dhapadhola/Adhol - Uganda is changed to 193: Dhapadhola/Adhola - Uganda
PSSR-219934New: Graduation Pathways Functionality

The following pages now display Indiana-specific Graduation Plan details:


Graduation Plan Selection:

  • Includes the ability to select one or more options for the following Indiana-specific Graduation Pathway Categories, in addition to existing user-created Graduation Plans:
    • Employability Skills
    • Postsecondary Ready Competencies

Graduation Plan Progress:

  • Displays a detailed status of all selected plans for the selected student(s), including Indiana-specific Graduation Pathway Categories.

Group Function

Special Functions > Group Functions > Graduation Progress Report (printable):

  • For multiple students, displays a detailed status of all selected plans, including Indiana-specific categories, for each student.
PSSR-219828New Report: Graduation Pathways Progress Report

Graduation Pathways Progress (IN-GPP) Report: Version 1.0
This report identifies and tracks the graduation plan status for students' selected Graduation Pathway(s).

PSSR-237732PowerSchool End of Year Process Not Completing

The underlying issue that caused the PowerSchool End of Year Process to not complete has been resolved, and the following error message no longer occurS:
"Migrated table count from VirtualTablesDef: 4 Actual Migrated Virtual Tables Count: 3 Missing: IN_COURSE_COMPLETION_MAPPING"

PSSR-234785Real Time (DOE-RT) Report: Not Successful When Run From District OfficeThe report now completes successfully when run from the school or district level.
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