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e-Transcript Submission


Transmits the XML file created by the e-Transcript XML File Generator to the Parchment server set up in the Remote Connection Management.

Remote connection to Parchment must be set up prior to e-Transcript submission. See Remote Connection Management for setup.

Save the XML File

Prior to transmitting the e-Transcript XML file, you must save the XML file. To save the file, do the following.

  1. On the start page, click the Report Queue button in the navigation bar. The Report Queue (ReportWorks) - My Jobs page appears.
  2. Click the ReportWorks tab. The Report Queue (ReportWorks) - My Jobs page displays all of your reports. Pending or running reports appear in the Queued Reports section. All other reports appear in the Completed Reports section.
  3. Click the Output Type Icon or the Completed hyperlink in the Status field to open or download the report.

The file name defaults to e-Transcript_Submission_StudentLastName{}StudentFirstName{_}.xml

Transmit the e-Transcript XML File

To transmit the e-Transcript XML file, do the following:

  1. On the Start Page, click District. The District Setup page appears.
  2. Under Indiana State Information, click e-Transcript Submission. The Indiana e-Transcript Submission page appears.

You can also access the Indiana e-Transcript Submission page from the report by clicking e-Transcript Submission Page on the e-Transcript XML File Generator Report page.

3. Click e-Transcript Submission Page. The Indiana e-Transcript Submission page appears.

4. Click Browse to select the XML file. The following information appears:

    1. File name (file size and type)
    2. Student - Student name (Student ID)
    3. Destination - Receiving Organization Name (ATP Code)

5. Choose the connection from the dialog box.

6. Click Upload to transmit the file. A transmission status message appears.

If you receive any status other than OK (200) and an AcknowledgementCode of Accepted in the HTML/XML text (located under the status message), then contact Parchment for further details.

7. To open the Indiana e-Transcript Submission Log page and to view transmission details, click the Submission Log.

Understand the Indiana e-Transcript Submission Log Page

Use the following table to view information in the fields:




Select entries to delete.

Time Submitted

The time the XML file was submitted.

Student Number

The student number

Student Name

The student name.

ATP Code

The ATP code of the receiving organization.

Organization Name

The name of the receiving organization.

Connection Name

The name of the connection used to transmit the file.

Connection URL

Click Connection URL to view the full connection URI.

Submission Content

Click View to view the XML file.


The status of the transmission.


Click the response hyperlink to view the full response from the transmission.


Click to delete any selected records.

If you delete records, the page will reload.


Click to reload the page.


Click to return to the Indiana e-Transcript Submission page.

Delete Transmission Logs

  1. On the District Office page, select District Setup, then click e-Transcript Submission Log.
  2. Click Select All.


Select specific transmission logs that you want to delete.

3. Click Delete.

4. Click Refresh.

Retaining transmission logs year after year impacts the performance of this page and it is recommended to annually clear the logs.

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