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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-254103ME Tab - Add Codes of 10 and 20 to the ADM Type List

The following two new values are added to the ADM Type list in the ME tab:
10 - Funded Non-Public Choice
20 - Adult Education

In addition, the field length for the ADM Type field has been increased to 2 characters to accommodate these new codes.

Note: These two codes are only valid when the data is being submitted using Ed-Fi / Data Exchange. They should not be used while submitting data for any of the existing STN reports (e.g.: DOE-ME).

PSSR-253985Ed-Fi - Remove References to 'Section Attendance'

Section Attendance options are not used for Indiana but still display in various views and option lists. These options have been removed to prevent confusion.

PSSR-254714DOE-ME - Remove "Fixed length" Option

IN DOE-ME version 3.9

On the report run page, the “Fixed length” option is removed from the File format list, as this format is no longer supported.

PSSR-253901Ed-Fi - Add Support for Sub-districts

On enabling Sub-district functionality, the following Ed-Fi resources publish records based on the sub-districts created by the user:

  • Calendars
  • StudentSchoolAssociations
  • StudentEducationOrganizationAssociations
PSSR-254704Ed-Fi - Updated Logic for Publishing Student Attendance for Indiana Data Exchange

The Ed-Fi logic for publishing attendance records to Data Exchange is updated to honor the attendance code mappings defined by the district.

PSSR-254705Ed-Fi - Attendance Code Mapping Updates

The following Attendance Event Types are now supported for Ed-Fi:

  • Absent Attendance
  • Present Attendance
  • Exempt, Suspended, Expelled
PSSR-252577Ed-Fi - Modification to StudentSchoolAssociations for End-Of-Year

When the system date is after the last day of the school year, the ExitCode extracts as 50, and the dropout mobility code is used instead, if populated.

PSSR-245026Ed-Fi - Publish In-Progress Grades from PgFinalGrades (INsite only)

EdFi INSite - Grades resource
This update enables in-progress grades to be published for the INSite EdFi profile.

Note: The StoreCode in the StoredGrades table must match the FinalGradeName in the PgFinalGrades table, otherwise duplicates may be published.

PSSR-254068Sub-district Functionality - Exposed for IN Districts

Sub-district functionality is now available to IN districts. In order to use this functionality, districts must first update the Enable Sub-District Configuration link in the District Set up page. After enabling the configuration, create new sub districts and associate the schools with them.

PSSR-252619AD tab - Eliminate the Need for Users to Click the Additional Submit Button to Save Values in S_IN_STU_X table

The Submit button on the Student Information section is removed. As a result, the values (Y/N flag) for the fields listed below will be saved automatically to the S_IN_STU_X table, based on the data entered in their respective sections on the page:

  • Receives 504 Services - [S_IN_STU_X]Section_504_Plan_TF]
  • Student of Active Duty Parent or Guardian - [S_IN_STU_X]Active_Duty_Parent
  • Unaccompanied Youth - [S_IN_STU_X]Unaccompanied_Youth
  • Foster Care - [S_IN_STU_X]Foster_Care
  • Homeless - [S_IN_STU_X]Homeless
  • High Ability - [S_IN_STU_X]High_Ability
PSSR-247402Ed-Fi - Calendars - Change CompositeKey to Internal PowerSchool School ID Instead of EdFi School Number

EdFi Indiana DOE - Calendar Update
Description: The internal composite key used for the Calendar resource references the State School Code, which can possibly change after the record is created and may cause orphaned Calendar records.

Resolution: The internal composite key for the Calendar resource is changed to use the internal School Number (or schoolid) that does not change. This prevents orphaned records.

Note: If Calendar records were previously generated/published, they are deleted from the PowerSchool database when this build is installed (the records are not deleted from the IN DOE ODS, if the records were previously successfully published there). To recreate them again in PowerSchool, just republish Organization Calendars.

PSSR-254520DOE-LM - Report to Include PK Students Less Than 5 Years Old

Indiana LM Extract Report Version: 2.9

Updated the logic to ensure only students who are less than 5 years of age as of the Snapshot date, are included in the report.



AD tab - New Validations Added

Added the following two new validations in the AD tab:

  • For a new or an existing AD record, a validation is added to prevent the user from entering an end date that is greater than the current date.
  • Another validation is added to prevent users from creating a new record in the past, that will overlap an existing record with a later start and end date.

Both of these validations are applicable to all the six categories (Section 504, Foster Care, Homeless, Unaccompanied Youth, Student of Active Duty, High Ability) seen in the AD tab.


Digital Equity and Learning Preferences - New Flag to Enable / Disable in the Public Portal 

A district-level pref is now available to enable the Digital Equity & Learning Preference data entry in the Public Portal. The pref is disabled by default.

This pref can be found on the following page for all states/provinces.
Path: Start Page> District Info > Miscellaneous.


Digital Equity and Learning Preferences Public Portal Data Collection - Security UpdateA security update has been made to the Digital Equity & Learning Preference data collection functionality in the public portal and now records can only be seen and modified for the student tied to the guardian that is logged in.
PSSR-254519DOE-TL - Report Updates to Display Correct Accommodations Value

Testing Online and Barcode (DOE-TL) Report : Version 1.2

The Testing Online and Barcode (DOE-TL) Report is corrected to extract an Accommodations value of N, for students who have their 504 Plan indicator set to N.

PSSR-244788Gifted and Talented Fields - Values Should Match Across All Student Tabs

Student tabs containing Gifted and Talented data are updated:

  • Gifted and Talented fields on the General and LM tabs are now read-only.
  • The values displayed on the Gifted and Talented tabs are synched to match the High Ability value displayed at the top of the AD tab.
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