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CHIRP Initial Setup


Enable PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) Plugin for PowerSchool

PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) is delivered to PowerSchool as a plugin. You must activate the plugin to allow access to the CHIRP components. The DEX Plugin is installed automatically as part of state reporting releases and can be enabled by navigating to the Plugin Management Dashboard.

To access the Plugin Management Dashboard:

  1. Sign in to the District Office.The district Start Page appears.
  2. Under Setup, click System. The System Administrator page appears

  3. Under Server, click System Settings. The System Settings page appears

  4. Click Plugin Management Configuration. The Plugin Management Dashboard appears

  5. Locate PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) and select Enable/Disable. The Enable Plugin page appears.

  6. Read District Responsibilities, and then click Enable. The Plugin Management Dashboard reappears, with the message "Plugin successfully enabled".
  7. Click PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX). The PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) Setup page appears

  8. Click Profile Configuration. The Profile Configuration page appears.

  9. Click Add Profile.

    1. Enter a Profile Name.
      • This name appears in the Profile field drop-down list on the Data Exchange Setup page. PowerSchool recommends keeping the name under 20 characters.
    2. For Profile Type, choose CHIRP_IN.
    3. Select Enabled On, and then click Save.

After a release is installed, PowerSchool might deactivate the plugin and require a review of the changes and an agreement to the terms and conditions for using the software. Verify that all applicable plugins are enabled.

Set Up PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX)

There are several options on the Data Exchange Setup page that you can configure to best suit your needs, as well as fields where you will be required to enter information specific to your installation. Refer to PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) for additional configuration information.

The setup page contains a section with a Configuration link where the individual authentication key and authentication secret can be entered for each LEA.

  1. Sign in to the District Office.
  2. On the Start page, under Setup, click System.
  3. Under Data Exchange, click General Setup. The Data Exchange Setup page appears.
  4. For Profile, select the CHIRP profile that was created when the DEX plugin was enabled.
  5. Select the applicable school years.
  6. Select both Service Options:
    • Data Changes - Downloads data changes from CHIRP until all records are received and stores that data into the database.

    • Publish - Acquires transactional upload jobs, performs delivery of updated object to CHIRP, and reports success or failure of each job to the database.

  7. Click Configure next to the district you want to set up to use CHIRP. The configuration window appears. Complete the fields as follows:
    1. Click On to activate DEX for the LEA.
    2. Enter the Authentication Key and Authentication Secret.
      • Contact CHIRP to request your Authentication Key and Secret.
    3. Click Test Connection. A message appears indicating whether the test was successful.
      • PowerSchool recommends that you always test your connection after completing this connection setup.
    4. Once the test is successful, click Save.

Set up Immunization Certificate Types

  1. On the Start Page, under Setup, click District. The District Setup page appears.
  2. Under Health, click Health Setup. The Health page appears.
  3. On the Immunizations tab, under Certificate Types, click Add. The Add New Certificate Type window appears.
  4. For Certificate Name, enter CHIRP.
  5. For Certificate Code, enter SR.
  6. [Optional] Enter the State Report Name specified by the state or a district-defined name.
  7. [Optional] Enter the State Report Code specified by the state or a district-defined code.
  8. [Optional] If this should be the default certificate, select Default Certificate.
  9. Click Add. The Health Setup page reappears.
  10. Click Submit.

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